Friday, March 30, 2007

Lipitor and grapefruits

Cliff is taking 40 mg of Lipitor at night before he goes to bed.  He has done so ever since his open heart surgery almost a year ago.

There's a stick-on note on the prescription bottle that reads, "Do not take with grapefruit juice."

I've done the research on the Internet, and read about the dangers.  Cliff can live just fine without grapefruits or grapefruit juice.  But does that warning mean no grapefruit juice at the time you take the pill?  Or no grapefruits or grapefruit juice ever?

My sister has returned from her winter stay in Texas, and brought the usual bonanza of huge grapefruits with her.  Three bushels.   If it's safe for Cliff to have one a day, or even one every other day, I'd like for him to be able to eat one.

I've heard different things:  Some say if you only have one grapefruit a day, and eat it in the morning, it's no problem.  Or if you eat them in moderation any time, you're safe.

I called the Walmart druggist, and his advice was to leave grapefruit alone; the Lipitor stays in your body all the time.

Then I called our family physician's office day before yesterday and talked to the nurse-practitioner, who wasn't sure.  But she'd ask Dr. D. and call me back.

She didn't call back.

Today I called again, and was told I'd be connected with Dr. D's nurse.  After waiting five minutes (it's long distance) I gave up. 

So I called the Cardiology group who diagnosed Cliff's blockages last year, and prescribed the Lipitor in the first place.  When you call there, you can be transferred to a nurse's line, leave your question in voice mail, and she'll call back with the answer after 4 PM.  In the past, she's never failed to call back.  So I'm hoping I finally get the answer from a health professional.  It's no big deal, really.  I'd just like Cliff to be able to share in the bounty
and get some vitamin C in the process, if he can do so safely.

Once I actually hear the rules from one of Cliff's doctors, I'll be satisfied with whatever answer I receive.


hibye60 said...

Is there a phone number on the prescription bottle or maybe a web site you can go to for Lipitor. The makers of this drug should have a web site where you can ask that question. Worth a few minutes of internet browsing to maybe get the answer quicker than waiting on a phone call.

plieck30 said...

Good question. Some of my medication says the same thing so I don't touch grapefruit. Don't care for it anyway except once in a while I get a yen for it. Seems we can get such conflicting answers from the medical field now days since we have different doctors for different things. Paula

madcobug said...

Good idea to get the answer from one of his doctors. Helen

ora4uk said...

Mixon says if in half every now and then....fruit is better than juice....he eats grapefuit...but doesn't drink gfruit juice....hope you get answers from cardio office about this....hugs...Ora of KY

msecz said...

I can't eat grapefruit either because of my blood pressure pills. I read somewhere they make them weaker. and somewhere else you can eat it after a few hours.... I just don't anymore and I love it too.... oh well. Hope you find the right answer soon

lonamay said...

seems half the people i know or more are on lipitor.. and all have been told by their doctors to not eat grapefruit or drink the juice.. but you have to do what your dr says.. they never agree....

suzypwr said...

Whoops, I should have read this one first, lol! At least he can have some!