Sunday, March 25, 2007

My no-computer day, and other stuff

You'll find a report on my shut-down day HERE.  I made it just fine, and did not turn my computer on even once

Robin asked about the burning of the ghost farm.  It was a deliberate fire; the new owners may have plans for the property, and those old run-down buildings, as fascinating as they were to me, were a hazard.  There were at least a dozen sheds of various sizes.  I took pictures of most of them just last week.  Here's an example:

If kids got in there messing around, they could have gotten hurt.  Not to mention the fact that vacant, run-down buildings  harbor rats and other varmints.

I rode past the place
yesterday when it was really blazing, but Blue had no intention of approaching a snapping, popping, roaring blaze.  So I took pictures this morning; he didn't mind the smoke and smoldering ashes at all.


madcobug said...

Sounds like your day was busy enough to keep you from having computer withdrawals. Helen

hestiahomeschool said...

I love old wood, though. If I had bought it, I would have saved a lot of that aged wood. I took a piece from my grat grandfather's farm before they sold it...

rb3987 said...

I always hate to see the old places go. I grew up in just such places, and it makes me sad to see them destroyed and not repaired. It costs a lot to build new buildings . I see this here in kentucky all the time. Someone will buy an old place and first thing they want to do is get rid of the buildings. Then they build more and spend twice what it would cost to repair the old ones.

suzypwr said...

Sorry about the fire. I do not like to see history destroyed - I also need to keep reading emails so I can get to the original story!