Thursday, March 1, 2007

Are you ready for another Chonda video?

When you hear this lady talk about her mom, she is talking about one of the dearest friends I've known.


nanlynska said...

Thank you Donna ! I love Chonda ! She was here in Fresno a few months back. I took PJ to see her and we were privlieged to meet her after the concert. What a blessed ambassador for Christ ! Her mama must be soooo proud. She's a hoot, that's for sure. Thanks again, for sharing.  

ksquester said...

I had never heard of this woman until you posted her.............THANK YOU........I love her, she has touched me deeply.   Anne

scotthlori said...

I saw her a few years ago!  She's a hoot!


Who I am ... underneath it all

magran42 said...

I love these video's of Chonda.