Friday, March 30, 2007

Stinky dog solutions

I do appreciate the suggestions my readers gave me about Sadie's rolling in stinky stuff, and I figured I'd better address your questions and solutions.

"my best bet is to find it, double bag it, and get rid of it"

" Maybe some kind of varmint poop - they do love possum and raccoon poop for rolling. You said it's not something dead, right?"

" Maybe you should check out the place where she is wallowing."

" It might be something dead. maybe you can get closer and find out?"

OK, here's the problem with "finding it and getting rid of it":  We have 43 acres.  The part where we walk is at the edge of wooded areas.  When I turn Sadie loose, she totally disappears at times, and that's when she gets stinky.  If I see her rolling nearby, all I have to do is shout "No!".  But she isn't usually in sight when she does her thing.

As to what the smell comes from, I don't have a clue.  If it's some sort of poop, it sure does have a different odor than any kind with which I'm familiar.  And since I've had many varieties of livestock, I've smelled a lot of varieties of poop!  If it's something dead, it's the same deal:  It doesn't smell like any carrion I've ever smelled.

A solution would be to keep Sadie on her leash.  But that half-hour of freedom is something she lives for.  She's a very active dog, and after being cooped up in the house with a couple of aging human beings all the time, I like giving her the opportunity to run free, even though there is the chance of her getting stinky, and even a slight risk of her running away and disappearing.

So I'll just hope for the best, and stock up on dog shampoo. 

Please forgive my making such a "crappy" entry.  (And for attempting to make such a lame joke, but what else are you going to do with poop?)


madcobug said...

Hoping whatever it is will soon go away. Good luck on keep enough shampoo. Helen

ora4uk said...

It has become my understanding LOL...that "poop" happens...!!!....and stocking up on doggie shampoo seems to be the best solution at this time.....God Bless...and happy day....Hugs...Ora

mutualaide said...

You're right!  There isn't much else to do with poop.  Maybe you have a bumper crop of skunk cabbage?  Man, that stuff STINKS!  

csandhollow said...

Maybe just try a baking soda rinse? Instead of dog shampoo which is costly try baby shampoo or one of the cheaper people shampoos.

mumma4evr said...

We used to let JoJo just run until he decided the road was his favorite place to run.  He would comehome some  days just stinking.  We could never figure out what it was, until one day the girls put him on a leash and he went to the dried up marsh, rolled in it and came out stinking...yuck!!

plieck30 said...

I'm with you, let Sadie have her fun. Whats a little poop or bad odors to country girls? I have some vines growing on an arbor. One of them has the most gosh auful smell when it is cut or disturbed but the flowers are pretty so it stays. Paula

gardone1 said...


toonguykc said...

I ALWAYS forgive lame jokes...especially scatological ones!  ;)


suzypwr said...

Poop is a big topic when we have animals, LMAO!


magran42 said...

I thought the joke was funny!

rooster1614 said...

I loved reading about your Country Life...I feel as though I know you personally.  I look forward to much more.  You have touched my heart and soul, because I love the country life.