Thursday, March 8, 2007

a video taken while riding my horse

Ride through the woods with me

In yesterday's entry, I shared pictures taken on a 4-wheeler trail I discovered.  Today I'm taking you for a ride with me on that trail.  If you turn up your sound and listen, you'll hear birds singing in the background, and the squeak of saddle leather.

Keep in mind that the LCD screen on my camera doesn't work.  So my view of the trail, while filming, was pretty limited:  One eye closed, the other one peeking through the viewfinder.  It was up to Blue to stay on course without my guidance, and he did well.  We were going at a slow walk.  Let's not think about what would have happened if a deer had come bounding out of the brush.


rollinghillsides said...

Oh, what a delightful ride, thanks for sharing!   Hey, those pictures have disappeared again!   What's up with that....    Judy

bnanajm said...

I've been wishing I could ride that big boy.  I think I just did!!!!  :o)

Thanks Mosie

magran42 said...

I really needed that ride after the day I've had.

karlaellen said...

Maybe if they sedated a horse & sedated me I would be able
to ride a horse again after all these years.
Does not seem like it has been 17 years since my last ride.
Time goes by so quickly.
I am more than satisfied with my 5 rides thru the woods today
on your Blue.
Sat in my computer chair, listened to the birds and
had a lovely peaceful horse ride over and over. :)
Thank you for thinking of those of us who love to ride Blue.

dbaumgartner said...

That was a fun ride.  Love the video.


suzypwr said...

Hey! You forgot to stop for the stop sign!