Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a quiz... about ME

OK, everybody else is doing this; I think Russ started it, then my daughter latched onto the quiz thingie.  To see how much you know about me, click HERE.

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starstarj said...

Ok I am really stalking you or I have WAYYYYY too much time on my hands.  I missed 3 and one only because I didn't go with my first answer.  What the heck? You own  how many domestic animals?  I got that one wrong. Please e-mail me with what they are. That was fun but like I said I am too invovled LOL.

ksquester said...

I guess I better pay more attention. (Oh the shame of my score!)  Anne

fierrorachel said...

HA!  I win!  OK, I only win "so far" but I'm counting it as a birthday win. I beat your favorite child, and only lost because you don't talk about potatoes as much as you talk about pizza.  LOL

csandhollow said...

I missed a few and hit my head saying DUHHH.

helmswondermom said...

I got a 50; not too bad, I guess.

siennastarr said...

I got 80!!!  yee haw!  See.. I do read, even if I don't always comment!!



toonguykc said...

I'm just glad my score wasn't the lowest.  50.