Sunday, March 18, 2007

a problem with the round pen

Adam came out bright and early this morning, anxious to break in the new round pen.  I had taken Sadie for a stroll, and as I came back, Adam had Sassie, his girl friend's mare, going nicely in a circle.  He told me he'd help me with Libby if I wanted, so I came inside to put the dog up, did a couple of things, and went back out to find disaster.

Sassy panics easily.  While circling in the pen, she just brushed against the wire side and it rattled.  That's all it took for her to "spaz" as Adam called it.  She cut up two of her legs pretty good, and all round pen lessons were off for this day.

Cliff pondered, looked at the raw materials we have on hand, and decided on wood all the way around the inside.  When I went out to take his picture a while ago, he said, "Yesterday I was a genius; today I'm a dumb-ass."

He was referring to Arick's friend, Lee, calling him a genius yesterday when he designed the gate for the pen.

We all feel really bad about it.  Adam and Jessica are taking it well, bless their hearts.  We couldn't ask for better people to keep their horses here.  For at least two or three days , they'll keep  Sassie in the box stall, and come and let her out for exercise a couple times daily.


madcobug said...

That is too bad about Sassy getting cut. Poor thing. I see Cliff will get it fixed right up. Happy late Birthday to Rachel. Helen

gaboatman said...

Sorry Sassie got hurt after being frightened.  I can see from the pictures that the wood solution is going to be a good one and should work to prevent this type of thing from happening again.  I'm glad no one was hurt and that the kids are taking it well.

tendernoggle said...

Poor Cliff...I hope he doesn't do too much Mosie....and I
Hope Sassy's legs do okay...
Take care,
love ya,

lanurseprn said...

Cliff is so good at building things.  Sorry the horse got hurt. It does look like the wood will take care of the issue, though.

csandhollow said...

The wood should do it. So sorry about Sassy. Are they able to use the blue or yellow spray for her legs?

fowfies said...

Glad Sassie will be okay, and her owners are understanding.  That dang wire, I was told Derby might try to tangle himself in the wire I had up for his dry lot area, but he has been good.