Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ah, a close encounter

If you've read this blog long, you have probably noticed my love of folk music, and my total adoration of folk writers.  They express true, raw feelings of real people in a down-to-earth way, without all the electric instrumentation and drums that exist in popular country and rock sounds.  Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, John Prine, Loudon Wainwright III.  Oh, and so many others.

If someone wanted to bowl me over with happiness, they'd make sure I got to see every one of my favorite folk singer/writers in person when they come to this area.  It's like visiting Mecca, for me, to see such artists perform.  Really.

Trouble is, Cliff isn't fond of most of them.  If he doesn't like the sound (for instance, John Prine; I doubt anyone really considers him a wonderful singer), he doesn't care what sort of poetic words they've written.  He really likes the song "Bobby McGee", but he doesn't want to hear Kris Kristofferson, the man who created it, singing it.

And after the fiasco with Iris Dement and her big no-show in Iowa ("I don't know how you can stand her screeching," says Cliff), I know my chances of seeing any song writer in person are slim to none.

There was a little bright spot in my day today. 

I received this in e-mail:

Hi there, 
 I just read your beautiful blog by total accident and wondered where you are? I would love to record some of your stories in person if you don't live too far away. I am in Asheville, NC. 

So I answered, telling her I live in Missouri.

I got this in response:

Darn, too far away. 
(and in case you were wondering, I am Chuck Brodsky's wife -- people always ask sooner or later)
I'll keep reading your blog though. I just love it. 

Chuck Brodsky's wife reads my journal!

Next thing you know, Iris Dement will come calling (she lives in Kansas City part of the time, you know).
Here are the words to my all-time favorite Brodsky song:
                            G-ddamned Blessed Road
                                   Chuck Brodsky

For the kindness of strangers - I often give thanks
Some have fed me and clothed me - some have filled up my tanks
Some have taken me inside - of their humble abodes
Given me sanctuary - on this G-ddamned Blessed Road

It all fit in a backpack - with a sturdy metal frame
My map had routes to everywhere - I highlighted some names
I could've walked to China - I had that light a load
Nearly weightless when I set out - on this G-ddamned Blessed Road

I banded with some gypsies - they had a little camp
A garbage fire to keep warm by - from the cold & from the damp
They taught me about honor - and they handed down the code
Which I have always tried to live by - on this G-ddamned Blessed Road

Magic happens sometimes - and things will just appear
Some gone in an instant - but their memories are dear
My heart it gets heavy & my legs they get bowed
Hauling all my riches away - on this G-ddamned Blessed Road

The picture was in black & white - until color came one day
It was almost as if right before my eyes - the truth it became grey
Answers turned to questions -  I put my faith in the unknown
And I trusted it to lead me - along this G-ddamned Blessed Road

Alot of good books have been written - you can read every one
You can take notes and recite quotes as proof that you got your reading done
So many interpretations of the words of The Ultimate Poet
Who inspires me to write my own - on this G-ddamned Blessed Road

The distance was far greater - sitting face to face at home
Than it would have been from almost anywhere - if we'd been talking on the phone
I told her that I loved her - with a lump in my throat
Got in my car & drove away - down this G-ddamned Blessed Road

Now the world is at your fingertips - all you have to do is choose
Certain games you'll still play anyway - even though the odds are that you'll lose
So call it an adventure then - just the latest episode
Where you let yourself be tempted - on thisG-ddamned Blessed Road

Billboards tell you where to go - others tell you what to do
So you're left with having to decide for yourself - what might be right or wrong for you
My one and only question - is how to know how to know?
With all the answers people have for you - out on this G-ddamned Blessed Road




lmitc89854 said...

Way cool!

lanurseprn said...

That's cool!

tendernoggle said...

WOw, Mosie..that is so cool! You never know who may be reading do you? !!!
She lives in some beautiful country too...that is where the Biltmore House is...Danny and I have went there a few times...Beautiful gardens...beautiful mountains...
love ya,

suzypwr said...

Wow! That made your year!


bnanajm said...

WOW - that's too cool.  I don't think NC is that far away.  It still may happen.

And we all know I just LOVE your journals.  They make my day, each day, and when things get rotten in my eyes, I look through yours and see the beauty of things.

Thanks for being you.


lorinokla said...

how cool for you! this is great :) I keep coming here to read because I enjoy it, you do have an awesome blog, I mean blogs.

I like all music from metal to opera......except rap, I HATE rap music.

fowfies said...

Oh wow! To have someone you admire and love like that to read your journal! How cool is that!!! Well, his wife anyway...same difference!  WOW WOW WOW. Too cool. Ian doesnt like country music, and I do. He used to be into the heavy metal.  Not the death metal like now, but the 80s Metal.  Not hair bands though.  Now that that is all over, he doesnt really have anything he listens to in particular. The only song I have ever actually heard him say he liked was "Paint Me A Birmingham" by Tracy Lawrence.  He says he loves the setiment behind it.  And go figure, the man can sing.  When he sings that song, it melts me, cause he sounds just like Tracy.  You love what you love, what touches your soul.  Just go with it anyway, even if Cliff doesnt get it.  You gotta be you.

helmswondermom said...

Wow! What an honor!