Thursday, March 1, 2007

A visit to the doctor

I've had a cold for weeks, it seems.  In fact I was lamenting the fact that I'd had one way back on January 7, in my Blogger journal.  I was still whining on February 18.  At times I would think I was getting better, then I'd start going through the tissues again.

So I finally gave up and went to the doctor today.  I told the nurse-practitioner I was fairly certain I had a sinus infection and, after hearing about my symptoms and checking me over briefly, she agreed.

She asked if I preferred any certain antibiotic, and I told her, "No, just as long as it's on my 'cheap list'."

"Oh, we can do that," she said.  "I'll give you the Dr. G. Special:  strong doses of Amoxicillin."

So I'm taking two 500 MG capsules in the morning, and two at night, for ten days.  Plus, I have a refill if needed.

Listen, if that doesn't fix me in ten days time, I'll just live with the snot.  I hate taking antibiotics.  They make me grumpy.


mastersblynn said...

I hope you feel better soon Mosie! xox Barbara

lanurseprn said...

How can an antibiotic make you grumpy?  LOL!  It'll give you the runs maybe....but make you grumpy? Nah!

astaryth said...

<shudder> Dr visit... I'll do just about anything to avoid those critters... But, it sounds like it's a good thing you went as they were able to fix you up.

siennastarr said...

Antibiotics make me sick to my stomach and dizzy.  I hate taking them, and like you, only do, when it's absolutely necessary!

I do hope that ten day dose does the trick!

Feel better soon!


marirlpn9 said...

Geez, with that dose, if the snot doesn't go away, you'll certainly get the runs, LOL.  Eat plenty of yogurt.

randlprysock said...

Yes that amoxicillin helped me too.  I am much better than I was two weeks ago.  Hope you feel better soon.

suzypwr said...

Next time, just say NO to those nasty little germs. Repeat after me: I do not get sick.

Feel better!!


countrylady4071 said...

I hope you will soon start feeling better.  

csandhollow said...

Last time I had it like that it took 2 rounds of medicines and there were not on the cheap list. I do hope  you finally get rid of it. Get the yougart

lorinokla said...

ewwww. I hate taking antibiotics too. I hate taking any kind of meds.

I hope you get over your sickness. it seems to be going around. My tonsils are swelled up bigger than Dallas, they started yesterday. I hope it goes away....

marainey1 said...

Oh, make sure to drink lots of liquids and some cranberry juice too.  You'll need to flush that out of your system. Hope you're feeling better soon !  'On Ya' - ma

ksquester said...

Mo, I guess you didn't know that I am the queen of "snot"........I have had two sinus surgeries and more sinus infections than I would care to mention. I have some good suggestions for you IF you are interested.  ONE, is to irregate your nose using an ear syringe and salt (pickleing salt or sea salt only) and baking soda.  You will see the infection leave your body.......but it takes some getting used to. I have other suggestions too if you need them. I know how awful it can be. I hope you get better real soon.  Anne

fmgruber said...

Be careful. It seems to me every time I see a Doctor coming I want to run saving me another disease to deal with…. ];^))

scotthlori said...

I discovered Mucinex recently.  Over the counter stuff doesn't usually work for me but this work LIKE A CHARM!


Who I am ... underneath it all

tendernoggle said...

I used airborne and musinex and also went and got antiniotics. Hope this dr. visit helps you out!
love ya,

fowfies said...

Well I hope you get to feeling better soon.  Seems like everyone is ailing with something lately. I am allergic to so many antibiotics, some just give me a rash, some will put me in the hospital, and have! So, I try to just muddle through. Sometimes, like in your case, and my Mama had the same thing, forever it seemed, you have to just go on in to the doc.  Hope you get well fast!

helmswondermom said...

I hope the antibiotic works quickly for you!