Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good grief, is this post #4 for today????

I've had cable Internet for a few years now, and they offered a deal I couldn't refuse last year...  if I'd sign up for TV and Internet both, and if I agreed to a full year with them (or be penalized for leaving early).  So we left our Direct TV satellite dish and went to cable for our TV, as well as Internet.

Folks, you can't imagine how terrible our TV reception is with Cebridge.  Especially the local channels.  Still, I loved my cable Internet, so I got by.

Then Sprint became a contender:  They said they'd give us DSL and telephone and Dish satellite TV, and send one combined bill each month for all three.  The cost for all this was about the same as our lousy Cebridge connection (which, as yet, doesn't offer digital TV to this area... can you say "the stone age?") 

My year is almost up with Cebridge, and I'm wired with Sprint.  Thursday our dish will be installed, and we can start enjoying our new digital TV as it ought to be enjoyed.



csandhollow said...

Lucky you! Dish does not offer internet here yet.

tendernoggle said...

Thta is great news Mosie!!!! Our cable here is good quality but it is so dang expensive and it goes up twice a year.
love ya,

lv2trnscrb said...

WTG! seems like a great deal! We're looking for something similar once we relocate.


am4039 said...

wtg and enjoy.

madcobug said...

Sounds great to me. Hope it all works out good for you. Helen

bnanajm said...

Will it make Grissom look any better?  :o)

marainey1 said...

I've got the cable internet and tv and so far no problems...and now I've even got the internet phone, which is very much cheaper than the land line.  I hope it all continues to work well.  Good luck with your new hook up - I hope it is better than what you've got.  What would we do without our internet??? 'On Ya' - ma

bookncoffee said...

Sounds fun.