Sunday, June 4, 2006

About my cabin

Someone asked, in a comment, if I'm spending nights in my cabin this year.  Yes, I am.  Once, before Cliff's heart problem was diagnosed, Sadie and I slept there.  And another time, a couple of weeks ago, Cliff, Sadie, and I spent a night there together.  I have hesitated to stay there without Cliff because, after his hospital stay, I had no desire to sleep away from him.  All the time he was in the hospital, when I was sleeping on a roll-away bed beside him, I was wishing I could crawl onto his hospital bed with him; but of course, that would have been painful for him at the time.

The cabin is there waiting for me, and I am ready to spend a night there with my dog; the problem now is that my air mattress has sprung a leak, and I must buy a new one.  The mice keep trying to take over, but they find the poison and die; still, my cabin smells rather "mousy".  This only makes me appreciate what our pioneer forefathers went through.

I shall get a new air mattress and spend a night at the cabin.  Stay tuned.


tendernoggle said...

Take Cliff and have a vacation there! lol!
I know what you mean..when Danny was at Emory, I had to sleep on a chair that let out and it was soooooo uncomfortable but i would not let danny know...he would alwasy get me to put my head on his bed so he could feel me there beside him..It was a strain but I loved him so much Mosie...I would have stood on my head for him! So, yes, I know exactly how you feel....bless your heart.
love always,

csandhollow said...

I can understand the part of not wanting to sleep apart from Cliff right now.

siennastarr said...

I'm happy that you are feeling confident enough in how Cliff is doing and recuperating, that you feel you CAN be away from him for a while.  I know how much your cabin in the woods means to you, Donna, and how much you enjoy having those quiet moments to yourself, with just the sounds of nature, a good book and your dog! :)

Happy cabining! (Is that even a word?) lol  Well, it is now! haha


ryanagi said...

Sounds like you need one of those pretty air fresheners out there. lol

keenedonna said...

a few entries back you mentioned you were going to sign up for social security, but you have not mentioned it since, what happened did you or did you not sign up and how did it go?
just wanted to know what happened? you need to keep us informed you know.
Donna Keene

mumma4evr said...

the cabin sounds divine!

am4039 said...

that sounds nice the cabin. I might join you, lol.