Sunday, June 18, 2006

My printer is working now

I tried to get my Canon S330 printer working a few times yesterday, with no luck.  Not even with the installation disk.

So my daughter was here today, and when I mentioned it still wasn't printing, she looked interested:  I told her to feel free to mess with it, if she so desired.

Now, when Rachel tackles computer problems, she has the tenacity of a bulldog; she doesn't want to call technical support, and she doesn't want to lose.  She checked connections and tried to install the printer in different ways.  No luck.  An hour later she was still at the computer, using Google.  "Ah-HA," she exclaimed.  "It says here there are issues between Canon S330 and Windows XP!"

Well, big whoop.  Besides, my last computer had Windows XP, and the printer worked.  Still sounds to me like I'll be buying a new printer.  Oh well, they're pretty cheap.

Pretty soon I heard my printer making noises as though it was working, so I turned to see what was going on.  Hey, it was printing!

"What did you do?"

"I went online and got the drivers for it."

Amazing.  And it didn't cost me a cent.



lanurseprn said...

WOW she's GOOD, huh??  Where did she learn to work on computers so well?
Enjoy your Father's Day with Cliff!

am4039 said...

so happy your daughter got your printer working.

ksquester said...

Rachel is brilliant..............hooray!!!!!     Anne

marainey1 said...

Your daughter sounds just like my sons...They can figure all that stuff out too !  So glad you were able to save the $$$  .  We are very blessed ! 'On Ya' --ma

madcobug said...

Smart daughter. Good for you that your printer is now working. Hope Cliff had a happy Father's day. Helen

ora4uk said...

Glad Rachael was able to fix the computer and printer .... seems whenever we want to "update"....we have to buy new this and/or that to go along with it....the old stuff doesn't work....not fair....someone has it in for us...right???  hang on to these "computer literate folks you have close by" LOL...Hugs from KY....Ora

tendernoggle said...

Aren't you so glad that you have such a smart daughter!!!! Good going Rachel!!!

csandhollow said...

Good for Rachel!