Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm all set now!

After using a laptop for over a week, this regular monitor seems HUGE.  I am up and going with the new desktop, anxious to find out if my grandson's friend can really save all my pictures and documents from the old computer to this one.  The only little problem I'm having so far with this new setup is that it won't recognize my printer, even with the installation disc.  I may have to get a new printer; we shall see.

Someone asked, in my Branson entries comment section, didn't I have a laptop I could use on the road for journaling?  Well, in a motel I could.  But I don't have Internet in our popup camper.  The laptop will be going places with us, though, because of the GPS system.

Cliff decided it would be simpler around here to get rid of the two cows and stick with horses, so last Monday we corralled them in the lot and tried to load them.  The one who's already had her calf, though, refused to be cornered and, in fact, didn't even come close to that area for days.  So we took the one pregnant cow we had on the trailer.  She was only 50 pounds short of weighing a ton!  Now, that's a big cow.  We think we have the other cow set up to load this coming Monday; we've been treating her with sweet feed in a trough, and will move the trough closer to the corner we load from.  Wish us luck.  I've never been fond of these ornery cows, so it doesn't bother me to see them go.  The one that's still here knocked me down last year, and I haven't forgiven her.

Cliff spent most of the day waxing his motorcycle; I guess he figures if he can't ride it, at least he can keep it looking pretty.


amy122389 said...

We had problems with our new computer recognizing our speakers.... After hours on the phone with tech support, the guy told us we just needed new speakers.  After we hung up, Jesse remembered an additional question we had, so he called them back and the 2nd tech said ' do this and this and there you are!'  Working speakers.  @@  eesh...  Good luck with yours!


chat2missie said...

I would rather have horses over cows any day too!  Kevin wanted to get his motorcycle waxed today too but we've run out of time.  I hope Cliff has a great Father's Day tomorrow.

am4039 said...

well happy cliff is going to have a nice shiny motorcyle. Sorry about the cows but since they are ornary oh well. Would rather have horses anyway.

whitedove3622 said...

That is why I do not have cows or horses. I could never get rid of either. I am a city girl can you tell?

marainey1 said...

I'm glad you are in business with the computer again.  Good luck with that ornery cow-not very pleasant od girl , is she?  Take good care !  'On Ya' - ma

lanurseprn said...

What kind of laptop do you recommend? I'm going to be getting one soon and have NO idea what kind is good.  
Good luck with the cow!  What happens to the calf when the momma goes?