Friday, June 23, 2006

About having Cliff around all the time

I've heard so many women, throughout my life, talk about how their husbands, after they have retired, get on their nerves.  So I've often wondered if that's how it would be with me.

I've had a ten-week sample of what Cliff's retirement will be like, and I'm relieved to know that my hunch was right:  He doesn't get on my nerves at all when he's home all the time. 

He's not a person to sit idly in the house, so I really never figured we'd have a problem.  He spends most of his waking hours either doing necessary chores around our 43 acres, such as pasture-mowing or fence-mending, or else in his beloved shop, creating and inventing, and doing upkeep on his fleet of tractors, our two vehicles, and the garden tractors and lawn mowers.

Now, I'll admit I've been heard to say, during the course of these ten weeks of his recuperation, "He's driving me CRAZY!"

That was when he was doing things against doctor's orders, and I was afraid he'd do damage to himself.  But that's the only way he's gotten on my nerves at all.  And I've pretty much ceased to worry about his doing too much, at this point.  He's learned to pace himself, and sit down and rest when he needs to.

I've had a little preview of Cliff's retirement, and I can now say, truthfully, that I'm looking forward to it.

I think I've mentioned it before, but this whole thing has made me very thankful for Cliff's good job, and for his insurance.  He hasn't missed a single paycheck; his usual weekly amount is direct-deposited to our checking account every Friday morning, just like when he was working.  His employer switched insurance plans recently, and I was nervous about how much we'd owe when all was said and done.  But things were taken care of quite nicely, and we'll be able to pay our part of the bills off in a few weeks.

Indeed, we are blessed.


simwarford said...

D took a 4 month sabbatical/semi-retirement last summer. We got along better than we ever have. I'm looking forward to the permanent retirement. Though it'll probably be about 20 years.

mutualaide said...

I can well imagine that you two will do just fine during retirement!  

amy122389 said...

I can't wait for Jesse to retire too!  Although I might be the one driving him crazy instead of vice


madcobug said...

That is great that he doesn't get on your nerves. Ken doesn't get on mine either when he is around but my ex sure did. Ken was at home for a year when he had the ruptured aneurysm. Helen

am4039 said...

so happy cliff doesn't get on your nerves, lol. Good that he's still getting pain on Friday's and you can pay the insurance bill off in a few weeks.

siennastarr said...

I think that you and Cliff will have a very nice retirement together.  You two are an extension of each other.  That's a good thing! :)


sunnyside46 said...

We are truly blessed...I want my husband around all the time too and he and I have been together 28 years