Friday, June 2, 2006

So, where have I been?

I told you in this journal that I bought a laptop on Monday.  I was happy.  My main computer was being looked at by a computer geek, and if he couldn't fix it, someone else could.  Or, I'd have a good excuse to order another desktop from Dell.

My brand new laptop was serving me well.  I un-installed the 60-day free trial of Norton anti-virus and in it's place, installed AVG, a free antivirus I've used for years.  I also installed the free firewall I always used with no problem.

Then I installed the software for the GPS system we bought Monday.

Some time Wednesday, I turned on my laptop and it no longer connected to the Internet.  It also refused to shut down, part of the time.

I tried and tried, and then called my cable provider.  The tech guy said my computer wasn't recognizing my modem.  He suggested I re-install my cabel-modem disc.  I tried that.  Nothing happened.

Today I took the Compaq laptop back to Circuit City, and they let me choose a different laptop.  I didn't have the box the Compaq came in, but nevertheless, I was allowed to trade it for a different computer.  I came home with a Toshiba this time.

There are things I prefer about this laptop anyhow, and I did pretty much the same things as I did with the Compaq:  uninstalled the trial antivirus and firewall, installed my AVG and Zonealarm firewall, added the GPS.  Rebooted at a command after updating Adobe Reader, and guess what?  When the notebook computer came back on... there was no Internet connection detected!

I could have cried.  After rebooting a couple of times, I got my connection back, which is why I'm here typing this.  But I'm scared, now, to turn off the computer!

Obviously the computer I returned wasn't faulty; it was something I did.  But what?

I never had this problem with my Dells, nor my Gateways.


I will say, though, that the Circuit City people were obliging and polite.  And much more accessable that Dell would have been.

I'm signing off, but not turning my notebook computer off tonight.  Wish me luck.


sugarsweet056 said...

That's why I'm so scared of doing anything with mine...I'm NOT computer savvy, very tech challenged. So I'm lost in this world!
I can barely do my email & my journal & graphics.That's about it for me...LOL!
Good luck dear!
Hugs, Sug

lanurseprn said...

That's why I don't mess with them like that.  I'm so computer illiterate it would blow up in my face!!   Good luck!

fmgruber said...

good luck!

jawojnar said...

Good Luck!

ksquester said...

Sombody told me a long time ago about uninstalling yourNorton anti-virus and that you had to get ahold of Norton to get special instructions about doing it. That the simple unistall didn't do it.  I sure hope you can figure it out because that is the kind of thing that will drive you crazy.     Anne

redpoppy007 said...

call norton you have to have a special tool to get norton off your computer or it will not work.  I put norton on with another virus scan and it caused all kinds of problems.

bnanajm said...

You've got me outclassed.  I can fake my way around setting up and installing hardware and software, but that's waaaaay over my head.

I wish you luck.

artloner said...

Sounds like it's the GPS install, not the puter??

Sorry for the trouble...a laptop sounds like heaven to me, even a cranky be able to sit in my recliner rather than here??  I hear angels sing...



marainey1 said...

My laptop is a Compac and it works like a dream, but my babes did all the installing for me.  I'm not good at all that stuff, and don't even try.  If I have a problem I call them,  several of my boys are very computer wise so they help me out...thank the good Lord.  I'd never know what to do other wise.  I admire you for doing all that you do.  I haven't figured out what I'm good at yet, but I dabble in a few things that make me happy. Hope it all stays working for you!
'On Ya' -ma

bookncoffee said...

Hope you get it all figured out.  I know that is aggrivating.  I have had all sorts of things go wrong due to various programs not working.  One program blocks another or different programs don't play well together.  I will say that since I uninstalled Norton and began using AOL's security system, things have mostly been smooth.
AOL likes to takeover and in this case, it knew what to do and kicked all the other programs out of the way.  LOL.
Good luck.

csandhollow said...

Might be the GPS. Do you know anything about MSCONFIG?

chat2missie said...

I would think it's the GPS system you installed giving you problems.  I would love a laptop to take everywhere with me.  Good Luck.

siennastarr said...

I don't have a clue, Donna!  You probably know more about computers than I do!

Good luck!


hewasolddog299 said...

First, get the tool from Norton to complete the full uninstall of their software (rotten sons of silicon sea dogs).

Next, call the GPS hardware manufacturer -- you've got a port contention issue.

Then the GPS software manufacturer -- they, too, are going to cause a software conflict between your Internet software and the GPS software vying for the same interrupts and ports.

Check the forums at your Firewall (ZoneAlarm, perhaps??) for conflicts between it and the GPS software.

Finally, and only as a last resort, check the Microsoft Knowledgebase library for similar symptooms...

Good luck. It'll take a while, but you WILL get it tamed eventually.


ryanagi said...

Wil is exactly right...but if his answer sounds like Greek to you...basically, between your GPS software, antivirus and firewall - someone isn't playing nice. There is a conflict with the hardware on your laptop.  Research into the problem is the way to go. See if one of the companies involved has a patch or fix.  It may take someone with more geek than you've got in ya.  Good luck!  Conflicts like this can be hard to track down.

am4039 said...

sorry I can't help you but I am sure you'll figure it out.