Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Colorado keeps calling me

Cliff hopes to talk the doctor into letting him go back to work around the first of August.  Truthfully, he'd be better off at work, and wouldn't be working nearly as hard as he is at home.  For instance, he's spent this whole forenoon twenty feet high on a ladder, painting the barn.  In the hot sun.

Anyway, we'd like to take a vacation in July, while he's off with full pay.  The granddaughters will be with their other grandma, so we won't be so tied down.

I want to see Montana, I really do.  But every time I look at costs, Colorado whispers in my ear.  From what I've found, lodging near Glacier National Park is at least twice the cost of my favorite section of Colorado, which is Salida, in the banana belt very near the 14ers.   That area isn't terribly crowded, like some parts of the state. 

It's 824 miles to Salida, compared to 1,670 miles to Glacier National Park.  With the high price of gas, that's a factor.

Taking the pop-up camper would make either trip considerably cheaper.  But I want more than canvas and screen surrounding me in bear country.  I cook in the camper, after all; and if Smoky the bear should come sniffing around, the smell of food might be more than he could resist. 

We'll see how much our budget can stand, when the time comes.  But if I were placing bets, I'd say it'll be Colorado.


sugarsweet056 said...

Either sounds great! :) Just to get away, & spend a lil time, just the two of you! In a beautiful natural setting like either of the places you mentioned!
Take lots of pics!!! (Is Sadie going, or staying with relatives?)

robinngabster said...

Colorado sounds good to me...wanna borrow our travel trailer?  LOL

tendernoggle said...

Well, go where your heart leads you Mosie! Are you going to board Sadie, or take her??? Or let your daughter puppy sit? Either way, you and Cliff go and have a wonderful time!
love ya,

grahamfarmga said...

either place sounds nice

sanforized6 said...

Naturally, I support the Colorado idea, BUT, must warn you that this entire state is a tinderbox right now. We are in desparate need of RAIN. So if you come, and it rains on you, be thankful! lol
Realize you're not near Denver, but if you come through, for any reason, give me a holler. (I'll email my number if you want it) rich

ora4uk said...

Colorado or bust!!!!!   go west young man..opps...you woman and young man....LOL...sounds like a great idea to me...enjoy...Hugs...Ora

am4039 said...

you just can't keep Cliff down, lol. Wherever you go, you have a great vacation.

lanurseprn said...

We went to Yosemite National Park once and the rangers said we had to hide our ice chests in this metal cabinet that each camp site has, because the bears KNOW what they look like and know that food is in them!  We weren't even allowed to keep them in the car!  They will destroy a car! Amazing!
Enjoy your vacation!

lv2trnscrb said...

I've been to Salida; it is absolutely gorgeous! We had such a good time there; drove there from New Mexico on a whim; no hotel room reserved; stuck in a small room with the four of us with a group of partying people next to us who kept us up all night along with a terrible thunderstorm. We had so much fun though. If you go to Salida, do make sure you do the Monarch Crest. Beautiful!


onemoretina said...

I love the Salida area.  When we lived in Colorado ( Denver area ) we used to travel down that way in the summer, when my husband had business in the area.  It's a beautiful area, and friendly people.  I'm hoping that, wherever you decide to go, you have a great time.  Tina