Sunday, June 25, 2006

Are you ready for a commercial?

I love Circuit City!

First of all, they give free shipping on any order over $25, when you order on line.  Since I don't drive, I appreciate this little perk.  I get most of my printer ink cartridges from them, by mail. 

I love reading the reviews of products on their website, too, so I can get an idea of what customers think about the product I'm thinking of buying.

Back around Christmas, our DVD/VCR player quit working, although it wasn't all that old.  Circuit City had a good buy on one, so I ordered a replacement.  I unhooked the old one, put the new one in its place, and then decided to give the old one just one more chance:  sure enough, the older one worked fine (probably another one of those famous "operator errors").  I boxed up the new one and, next time we went to the city, I returned it to the store with no problem, and no restocking fee, although a sign on the wall led me to believe there should be one.

If you've followed my journal recently, you saw that I bought a laptop, brought it home, and had problems with it.  I took it back to Circuit City, told them it didn't work, and chose another model.  I later found out the problem was with me (operator error again), not the computer.  But those folks had let me exchange it with no questions asked.

Well, I figured my laptop was in need of a case, since we'll have it in the car quite a bit, using our GPS.  Checking Circuit City online, I found an excellent buy on a case.  The price was $52, but there were two rebates that went with it, taking $30 off the price.  Wow, now that's reasonable.

I received the package, and was totally happy with my laptop case.  Then I read the instructions for getting my rebates.  I needed a copy of the UPC barcodes, which I had, and a copy of the e-mail confirmation to send with each rebate request. 


I didn't save my e-mail confirmation, which serves as the receipt for online purchases.

On the box my product came in was an 800 number to call.  I think someone in India answered, and I did struggle a bit to understand him at times, but by george, he talked me through the Circuit City website to a place where I could get copies of the e-mail I'd lost; and also helped me find where to print off my rebate forms.

It's almost like the old days.  You know, back when "the customer was always right"... even when he wasn't.

Circuit City has a customer for life, here.


msecz said...

boy that is so nice to hear.... we bought a tv and it didn't work and eventually they fixed it but it took months. and then my son brought a camera back there and he had to pay a $100 for restocking it.... must be a good one in your city. I'm scared to go there any more.

csandhollow said...

Glad you are having good experiences with them.

madcobug said...

All of our experiences with Circuit City have been good ones also. We have three computers that came from there plus three digtial cameras that still work. I had to take one back because it messed up and no problem with swapping that plus they let me swap my last Canon because I liked the Sony better. Glad your experiences have been good ones. Helen

am4039 said...

I think that's great, I go to best buy because it's closer to my house. Now, at times I have not been very happy with there Customer Service but over the past few years they have gotten a lot better. So I started going back again. I stopped going to them for a while.

lmitc89854 said...

I agree. I go to Circuit City by the Independence Mall and they have always been great.

toonguykc said...

I guess it's all about the individual store/manager.  The C.C. here in Overland Park is really lousy.  Best Buy isn't much better, but they usually have better prices.


marainey1 said...

Good for you !  It's nice to know there are some companies that actually have CUSTOMER service instead of NO SERVICE.  'On Ya'-ma