Friday, May 5, 2006

Sometimes it doesn't work out

One of our next-door neighbor boys, Ryan, got a new dirt bike two or three months back; just as he was getting really good at riding it, the thing got a flat tire.  So for two weeks, it's been parked.

Ryan was in the shop visiting with Cliff and mentioned his bike being down.  Cliff said, "Bring it over and we'll fix the flat; it doesn't take a rocket scientist."

When I saw what was going on, I got nervous.  Cliff isn't supposed to lift over five pounds, and I couldn't see him being able to keep his hands off this project.

So, with me hovering nearby and occasionally shouting, "Don't you LIFT that!!!", he proceeded to give Ryan step-by-step instructions.

Things went well until it came time to put the repaired tube back in the tire.  Somewhere in the process of doing that, the tube got pinched with the screwdriver Ryan was using.  All that work for nothing.

At least it kept Cliff's mind busy for a couple of hours.


msecz said...

Oh what a shame.... now I bet they are planning on doing it all over again.... he better buy a few tubes though. It will be a great learning lesson though for Ryan and Cliff is busy then too. Just stay close by... I'm sure you will be kept busy supervising the better and better Cliff feels.... You will probably learn how to put that darn tire back together too. lol  Sandra

madcobug said...

It might have been a good thing you were keeping a watch or Cliff would have been trying to lift that tire. It is a shame all that work was wasted. Maybe they can get it fixed another time. Have a good day! Helen

sugarsweet056 said...

Sound like you'll need to be close by for quite some time! LOL
Just coming by to say I hope you have a great wkend! ;0)
Blessings, SUGAR

marainey1 said...

I bet Cliff was happy to have something to do.  For a man that's very active, it's hard to sit still. You have your work cut out making sure he behaves.  'On Ya ' - ma

ksquester said...

Yep, You've got YOUR work cut out for you!    Anne

fmgruber said...

Try and appreciate the bright side of all this tire fixing. Ryan is going to remember this episode in his life until his dying day. The old man teaching how to fix something for himself and the old shrew what did all all the holloring. ROFLMAO
I can't help it. Stay with it girl. Us working stiffs just don't know anything but forging ahead and getting a job done. It is such an inconvieence for any man to be ill of anything. LOL.
Now I may have said it all wrong, but I'm sure you get my ideas. And Frieda and I are so happy for you guys Cliff getting well. May God Bless. Fernan (hehehe)

ora4uk said...

Yes all that for "nothing"...but Ryan has learned something I bet...and with guidance from Cliff (in a chair) he could handle this again....I think Cliff is smart enough to know just how far to push...but it's always nice to have someone in the background ready to assist LOLOL. with a word or two of encouragement????...Hugs...Ora

cyandfayedavis said...

How long does the 5 pound thing last?  I have forgotten.

csandhollow said...

Made Cliff feel good to do that though, I'm sure.

lanurseprn said...

I think it was good for Cliff to do a little project and maybe Ryan learned a little something.  Maybe it'll be easier for Ryan when he tries to fix it again.
Great pics!  Cliff looks sooooo good!!

siennastarr said...

It's hard to keep a good man down.. a man who is used to being useful.. working with his hands, and not being idle for exended periods of time.  Cliff was probably so happy to be able to put his hands and mind to use for something other than sitting or walking just a bit.  I know that's not what he was supposed to do.. but, like I said.. You can't keep a good man down!!


am4039 said...

great pics, at least cliff is doing something. I know it must be hard for him not to.

sunnyside46 said...

Is he depressed? I have heard the depression after that surgery can be a bear.