Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A meme I found

I found this meme on Chris' journal and decided to do it.

I AM: weak and faulty

I SAID: "People are more important than things"

I WANT: my husband healthy

I WISH: for war to end

I HATE: my faults

I MISS: Uncle Leo and grandma

I FEAR: losing my husband

I HEAR: birds chirping in the mornings, and smile

I WONDER: if the world is worth saving

I REGRET: not singing as much as I should have

I AM NOT: a leader

I DANCE: only for God

I SING: but not often enough

I AM NOT ALWAYS: what people expect me to be

I MADE: a way to take life one day at a time

I WRITE: in rhyme when I can

I CONFUSE: almost everyone

I NEED: somebody to know I'm here

I SHOULD: be a better Christian

I START: and then don't finish

I FINISH: very few things

I BELIEVE: that God loves me and that I will eventually live with Him

I KNOW: I ought to do better

I CAN: write poems, sing songs

I CAN'T: change anyone other than myself

I SEE: that life is short

I BLOG: so someone will know I'm alive

I READ: biographies

I AM AROUSED BY: being treated with gentleness and kindness

IT PISSES ME OFF: that life can be so unjust

I FIND: my only peace in Jesus

I LIKE: Jersey cows, gaited horses, and mongrel dogs

I LOVE: my husband,my children, my grandchildren, and God 


am4039 said...

I like the I confuse almost everyone. I think I do too. Good answers thanks for sharing.

jeroldssis said...

I'm not sure how you found me, but thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm really glad I came by for a visit.  I really like your journal.  And your list was good, too.  Nice to meet you!


toonguykc said...

I BLOG: so someone will know I'm alive

Girl -- we know you're alive and many of us are better off because you are!!  I know I am.


marainey1 said...

I'm glad you SMILE when you hear those birds ...a sign of a new day, another gift from God ! 'On Ya' - ma

chat2missie said...

Thanks for sharing those.

bnanajm said...

For the record, you don't confuse me.  You make sense.  And I love you just the way you are.


csandhollow said...

I am glad you blog otherwise I may have never found you. You enrich my life and I thank you.

citycountrywoman said...

"I AM: weak and faulty...I HATE: my faults...I SHOULD: be a better Christian...  
I KNOW: I ought to do better"
Please don't be so hard on yourself, you're lovely just the way you are, I'm sure of it. I've been reading your journal and I admire you.

cyandfayedavis said...

Oh we know you are alive and we are forever grateful.  You bring sanity to this thing called life.  The most self aware and practical person I have ever encountered.