Monday, May 29, 2006

old computer, new computer

My desktop computer, which Dell shipped to me on January 17, 2003, suits me just fine.  As long as it will keep putt-putting along, I'm keeping it.  Yesterday, it developed a little "miss" in its engine.

It was a strange little problem that had occurred once, months ago:  It would start to boot up, then stall out.  The first time, it simply decided to start working again, and I thought no more about it.  This time, it didn't want to start working for me.  So I sent it to the home of my local teenaged computer nerd, one of my grandson, Arick's, friends.  I expect to have it back soon, because if Lee can't do anything with it, I'll take it someplace else.  We have no air conditioning in our house, so with the heat (it's been over 90 the last two days) and the dust that flies in the windows from cars passing on our gravel road, this is not a good computer environment.

So, how am I making this entry?

I've wanted a laptop for quite a while, but really couldn't justify it.  Cliff has wanted a Global Positioning device, and couldn't justify it.

I found out that, for $79 (after rebate) I could buy a Global Positioning program for a laptop computer.


As if that weren't enough to make us both happy campers, we also bought a plasma TV at Sam's Club today while we were out.  Thanks to those of you who recommended Sam's Club as a good place to buy a television.

Life is good.


artloner said...

D*mn some AC!



ps: Feel free to pick up a laptop for me next time ya'll go out.  ;)

siennastarr said...

As long as you and Cliff are happy, that's all that matters!  

I would die without air conditioning.   I cannot stand to be hot!!


msecz said...

Glad everything worked out so good for you and that your Grandson and Horse are both back and in good shape too.... Sandra

robinngabster said...

Woooo hoo!  New gadgets!  We have a hand held GPS that we use for geocaching...loads of fun.

madcobug said...

I am happy that you and Cliff got yourselves all that. Helen

marainey1 said...

Good for you !  I have a/c but haven't turned it on even though we are in the 90's here too!  Limited income doesn't allow for higher cost in energy bills.  So I just turned on the fans and am sweltering.  It's been so cool here for so long, that it's hard to adjust.  'On Ya' - ma

ora4uk said...

just doesn't get any better??? huh??? Hugs...Ora

bookncoffee said...

Oh boy.....yippee.   Don't you love a good compromise.  Have fun.  So you did get the laptop too?  How is that TV?
Have fun.  We are going to Sams sometime this week.

am4039 said...

sounds like a great deal. Hope you enjoy all your new goodies.

csandhollow said...

May I recommend a fan trained on the computer? Heat is not good for them, causes them to die early.
WTG on new Tv and new software!

ksquester said...

glad all is well in your corner of MO. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow. The tv I have in my bedroom is ancient and I love Sams club. Try their roasted chickens sometime. You can remove the skin from them to cut the fat. Anne

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like it's Xmas around your house!  Glad you had fun!

tendernoggle said...


sunnyside46 said...

isn't it fun to get new stuff!?