Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So, why don't we have air conditioning?

In the beginning, we didn't have air conditioning because we were simply too darned poor; we had good credit, but our income was already stretched to the limit.  We'd bought a 20-acre place in the country, and found ourselves outside most of the time anyhow... milking cows, gardening, and so forth.

When we bought this place, that was still true:  we were outdoor people.  Besides, summer is over before you know it.  As years went by, it became a matter of pride.  I could nearly always get a reaction from people by saying, "We don't have air conditioning."  It was especially fun to say this on a 100+ degree day.

"What?  You don't have AIR???  How do you STAND it?"

"Wimps," I'd say to myself.

Two years ago, Cliff's brother loaned us an old, small window unit for our bedroom.  We learned to love it, and when, last spring, we dragged it out of storage only to find it wasn't working any more, we bought a new unit at Sam's Club; we were hooked.  But only for sleeping, mind you; nobody was going to accuse US of being wimps.

OK, at this point, I'll give up and admit it:  I'd love to have air conditioning.  It probably wouldn't even be too expensive to cool these three downstairs rooms where we spend all our time.  And obviously, if we could afford payments on a laptop and a plasma TV, we could have managed central air.  Why didn't we get it?

Because I don't want to live the rest of my life in this old house.  I'd love to have a new mobile home, a single-wide would be fine; in fact, Cliff and I were talking about getting one, before his unexpected heart surgery.  This house needs so much work, starting with a new basement and foundation, that it would be cheaper to build a new house; but we do NOT have the time and money for that.

I know all the disadvantages of a mobile home, having lived in two of them.  But the idea of living in a new house of any kind really appeals to me.  Yes, I know they depreciate; but it isn't an investment, it's a place for me and Cliff to live cheaply and comfortably.  I called Planning and Zoning and asked some questions.  We'd have to tear this house down within a reasonable amount of time after another home was placed here... but I'd want to do that anyhow.

Probably, though, we'll end up in this old house until we can't handle 43 acres any more, then sell out and move to town.  I suppose eventually I'll look reality in the face, we'll have central air installed, and life will go on.

Meanwhile, that's why we don't have AC.


siennastarr said...

I am totally a wimp, Donna..lol   I admit it!  I CANNOT STAND TO BE HOT! lol  

I live in a manufactured home, which is a tad above a mobile (quality wise), and they depreciate in value too, but I don't give a rat's patoodie.  This is my home, and I don't plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.  It will be paid off in about 5 years, and then I don't have to worry about a mortgage payment, just the space rent I have to pay to the park, because my home sits on THIER land!  

Love the way you tell a story, Donna..   you always make me smile.. :)


msecz said...

I didn't think I needed central air either and didn't need a dishwasher either and now I don't know what I would do without either.... but that tv does sound nice and how can you get along without a computer I wonder.... ...... :) Sandra

marainey1 said...

I have central air and I have a big old house to cool...I'm thinking about shutting off the upstairs and just cooling downstairs -- sure would be cheaper. The same with the heat in the winter time...I can't afford to heat all those rooms anymore.Make sure to drink lots of water and stay out of the hot sun.  'On Ya' - ma

mumma4evr said...

just have ac in my bedroom....and it is not on yet

csandhollow said...

I am a wimp. I turned my AC on thos week.
I have to for the birds. They cannot torrereate 80 plus temps in the house.
It is also hard on Brook's asthma.

tendernoggle said...

Hi Mosie...
I would get me some air conditioning, if nothing else but for Cliff's health....heat takes a toll on your heart...at least that is what our cardiologist told us...But you live in the country where-as I live in town and it is some cooler in the country, where there's less pavemnet.... I have window units, and if I had the money I would have central installed....But the window units have done pretty good so far..I am on "budget billing" so my electrical bill is the same every month either way.
I am a whimp too...I can not take the heat....it whips my butt good! lol
Love ya,

am4039 said...

forget pride, LOL I like it cool. Actually during the day I don't mind. But at night I do have my central air going. I like it cool for good sleeping weather.

sunnyside46 said...

we didnt' have it for a l, but I am glad to have it now. I know what you mean ,though... I can't stand people who are always shocked at at the heat
"it's June, you live in a subtropical climate. Did you think it was going to freeze while you were in Wal Mart?"

simwarford said...

We didn't have AC for many years; but I finally got tired of it, and got a small unit for my bedroom, and it also cooled the den, which was where D slept. That was at the other house. When we moved into this house, it came equipped with a mammoth old Kenmore window unit--which kept the dining room (our living room) nearly too cold to tolerate--and on the lowest setting, it would freeze up.
Then we inherited a small unit to put in another bedroom (I kept my little one), and, after the old Kenmore finally gave up the ghost, discovered the two, fairly new, high-efficiency units in the bedrooms would keep the rest of the house tolerable--with fans. Maybe someday, we'll have central heat and air--it's just not a priority. And I still try not to turn the window units on until July.