Saturday, December 3, 2005

You thought Thanksgiving was over?

I'm fixing Thanksgiving dinner today.  Even though I had a perfectly nice turkey dinner in Wisconsin last week.

See, the problem with eating Thanksgiving dinner away from home is that there are no leftovers.  Oh, and everyone else makes the stuffing in a seperate pan; I like mine in the bird, and around it in the roasting pan, soaking up all that lovely grease.  (Have I mentioned I'm gaining weight since I quit work?) 

Besides, I wanted a holiday meal with my daughter, who spent Thanksgiving Day with Kevin;  her kids AND her parents were out of town.  I'd love to have my son's family with us too, but it's a long way here from Georgia.

So the turkey and dressing will soon go in the oven.  I have deviled eggs made, and two pumpkin pies, and five-cup salad.  Normally I'd have several desserts, but it's only pumpkin pie this time.  Unless I want to slice into the fruitcake I made last night, but it really needs to be left alone for a week or so.  This may be the last home-made fruitcake ever; the ingredients cost around $25. 

I'll make mashed potatoes and giblet gravy and rolls and green beans and possibly some glazed carrots.

Cliff's sister and her husband will join us for the meal.  It'll be a great day.

The most miserable Thanksgivings and Christmases in my past were the ones when my son and his family were in Germany and Rachel and her family were in Carthage having dinner with Kevin's parents.  A couple of those years we went to the nursing home where my mom spent her last years and took her out to eat, but it wasn't a festive time.

I'm thankful that now there are people who live close enough that I can feed them any time I feel like cooking.

                                                                                      FIVE-CUP SALAD

1 cup marshmellows, 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup coconut, 1 cup chunk pineapple, and one can of mandarin oranges.  Stir gently, cover, and let sit in the refrigerator several hours or overnight.  Good stuff.


bnanajm said...

:: Gets map - Gets glasses - Gets marker - Finds Mosie's house - Draws lines ::  Darn, I'll never make it in time for dinner.


Have a great day.  :o)

skisseberth said...

Have a most wonderful day, Donna !  Love the 5-cup salad ! :)

salemslot9 said...

mmmmmm...homemade stuffing :)

bookncoffee said...

Your meal has been fun to read about and I'm excited for you.  This is just cozy to cook and spend time with the family.  It just feels right doesn't it.  Gives you a feeling you cannot explain.  You all have a good thanksgiving today and enjoy.  Guess it's colder there than here.  It's near freezing as we've had a bit of sleet this morning.

deslily said...

MMMMMmm I'm with you on the "stuffing IN the bird"!! lol.. though i just finished the turkey soup yesterday this still sounds yummy!  You'd think I'd be gobbling by now i've had so much turkey lol... just can't have enough stuffing and gravy! lol..

Have a wonderful day!!!

robinngabster said...

Don't start without me...I am on my way!!

vortexgirl said...

I wasn't hungry till I read this thank you very much.  I remembered you mentioning that you were going to have a late Thanksgiving and thought that you deceided not to do it when I didn't hear anything more.  Glad your doing it.  
Tell you what, I'll bring some snow if you set a place for me and Samantha.

astaryth said...

Great, Now I'm starving <LOL> Have a great day with the family! Oh, and Thanksgiving isn't a day, it's a feeling!

ksquester said...

I want the dinner all over again. I guess it's time for me to bring out the frozen dark meat and make wonderful soup!    Your dinner sounds devine!!!!!   ANNE

firestormkids04 said...

Yummy!  I love leftovers, too.  I'm definitely going to make that salad.  Blessings, Penny

lv2trnscrb said...

I think its great you are cooking a thanksgiving meal to share with you and yours! Enjoy---sounds like a yummy meal :)


fowfies said...

I for one think that is a great idea.  One cannot have too many family get togethers and good food always compliments good company. :)  I bet your hosue smells heavenly this morning. MMMM hmmmm!

bhbner2him said...

Sounds yummy and fun.  Enjoy the day!  -  Barbara
P.S. -  I've had that salade!  It is quite good.  My bunch always wantst the fruit kind that ferments the older it gets.  lol

siennastarr said...

I'm with you on the stuffing!  IN the bird, and made with bread..not CORNbread!  Well, you didn't say anything about whether you use  Cornbread or regular bread, but I'm thinking you're a regular bread kinda gal.  I like to use the giblets in the stuffing, and sometimes I make it the way my mom did.  She was from West Virginia and would make her dressing with oysters.  Sooooo Goooood! yumm!  She always made her green beans with bacon grease as a flavor enhancer.  Yumm on that too!  
As for that salad recipe.  She never made that, but I do.  I got that from my X MIL.. and it's one of the staples at my table when I make Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner!

Darn.. now I'm craving a big old Thanksgiving meal! lol
Thanks alot, Mosie! ;)


tendernoggle said... knew I was going to ask for that recipe didn't you??? lol
lov eya,

marainey1 said...

Sounds very good !  I put the rest of my leftovers in the freezer for later. The kids took most of it home, but I saved enough to make some Turkey Ala King.  One of my favorites.  I keep putting on the weight and I'm still working...good thing I'll never retire as I waddle when I walk now!  Slim and petite, I'm not.  Remember the old song 'she's to fat for me'  Ha Ha! Enjoy your extended Holiday!  'On Ya' - ma

plieck30 said...

And different people make their dressing different with different things in it. I like mine real pain with lots of onions and black pepper. Have fun with your family, Paula

lacaza3 said...

Welcome to the club I have gained 40 lbs in the 3 years I have been off work...Damn It.....< hey give me another bonbon will ya:-)
Donna In TEXAS

csandhollow said...

I love to eat Thanksgiving! Ok now I am hungry again.
I am not making my fruitcake this year either. I could not afford it.