Friday, December 9, 2005

more about my non-driving status

The entry I made that spoke about my plans should Cliff die before me provoked lots of comments, and a few questions, which I'll address here.

Next to the question, "What will you do if something happens to Cliff", the other question I hear the most is, "Why don't you drive?".  Someone asked that in a comment.

On all occasions when I've tried to learn to drive, the results have been disasterous.  And this includes driver's training at school in my junior year.  In fact, my instructer humiliated me beyond belief, making fun of my efforts to the three other kids who were in the car with us at the time.  Since then a couple of well-meaning souls have tried to assist me, thinking surely they knew some special trick.  I don't think I have a single friend who hasn't suggested that, of course, if I'd let them try, they'd teach me to drive.  I don't intend to risk a friendship in that manner.

Another question that was raised:  Does Cliff have plans, if I should die before him? 

We haven't talked about what he'd do in such a case, but I'm 100% certain he'd stay right here, as long as his health permitted.  Everything he loves is here.  He spends hours each day in his shop, before leaving for work; and in summer he's always outside fixing fence, putting up hay, and all the other things that go with living in the country.  They'd probably have to carry him out of here, kicking and screaming.

Cliff does seem to have one set of plans laid out though.  I once told him to feel free to remarry if I leave him a widower; my only request was, "Please don't let her have my guitar."

His answer?  "Oh, don't worry about that; she doesn't know how to play."



deslily said...

LOL LOL Cliffs pretty funny... he's a keeper! lol

lv2trnscrb said...

LOL; how cute Cliff's comment. My hubby is an avid guitar player x40 years with several collector guitars. I have told him to let me know who gets what guitar if he passes before me because otherwise, I would just sell them all to the highest bidder.


salemslot9 said...

what if something happens to someone who writes a journal?
how will we know?
does someone else have their password?

robinngabster said...

My Dad was a high school drivers ed teacher for YEARS!  When he took me to take my test the first time...yes the first time...I FAILED!!!  The mean lady failed me cause when I went to parallel park I took one hand off the steering wheel.  Needless to say Dad was mad..not at me but her.  If you ever need a lift just give me a call...I am a real good driver now...even use both hands!! ;)

ksquester said...

I LOVE Cliffs sense of humor! BTW, what a big meanie that person was to you to humiliate you like that. Anne

vortexgirl said...

^5 Cliff.  
Just as long as he has thought this out.  

firestormkids04 said...

Giggle, giggle, giggle - leave it to a man to have such a snappy reply!  Blessings, Penny

astaryth said...

I've loved these last 3 entries.... My grandmother never learned to drive either. My grandfather faithfully took her where ever she needed to go until he was no longer healthy enough. My Mom eventually moved back home to help care for my grandfather, and she now drives my Gram everywhere (my Grandfather has since passed away). It's nice for Gram because since my Mom moved home to help care for my grandfather and stayed on she is able to stay living in the house that she lived in most of her life and raised her whole family in.... In fact, all of the kids were born right there in that house!

toonguykc said...

I can't imagine a world without you in it.  You are one of the few people who exist that gives me a tiny little bit of faith that the human race isn't actually a plague the planet should be cured of.

Don't be too flattered, Mosie --- Bill Clinton and The Jimmy Carters are also on the list.  LOL.  Guess which president is NOT on it!!



ravenlark2 said...

And Cliff has payback for all the times you've planned his demise. HEHEHEHEH


mutualaide said...

LOL!  Cliff is quick with the funny.  My mother never got her license either and she told a story much like your own about why she didn't get her license.  When my father passed she stayed in her house for one year and then came to live with us.  My husband was happy to have her here as was I.  She then decided senior housing was for her and she moved to a small apartment where she happily rode the senior van for shopping and doctors appointments!

woodmotorsports said...

When Debbie read dad's quote, she said "he is just like you!"     Nahhh...don't blame me for the sharp wit...I'm just like him.

sanforized6 said...

We golfers do a variation on that: "She (or he)is left-handed! rich

siennastarr said...

Talking about death, and when each of you might meet your maker is a subject many people don't like to tackle.  Actually, it's something everyone should talk about.  Working in the ER you see how quickly loved ones (young and old alike) can be taken from you.  Alot of people have made no plans.  They've never talked about what the other wanted as far as memorial service, buriel or cremation?  Some spouses don't even know where any of the insurance policies are, or if there even are any!  Why?  Because hubby/wive was the one who took care of everything, and they just didn't talk about it.

I like Cliff's little nit at you there at the end of your entry!  About your guitar?  lol


simwarford said...

My mother didn't drive, either. She never suffered; there were always plenty of people around to take her where she needed to go, besides my father.  My father tried to teach her how to drive, but he was not a good teacher. I learned how in spite of him.
Her last attempt at driving was probably in the early 1940s; she took out a small barn, a chicken house, and an outhouse. That would have been enough to stop anybody!