Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot

Here it is, from John Scalzi:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us a series of pictures with a theme. "A series" in this case can mean "two" but three or four would be good. The theme could be anything you want, although it being the holidays, something holiday-oriented would be a good and easy thing to do.

Alrighty then.  Since tractors are a big part of life here, my theme is "kids and tractors"; the pictures are in no particular order:

That's a neighbor kid, Tyler, plowing.

That's either Tyler or Travis (I can tell them apart now, but this was some time back) and Luke, our renters' son.

That's my little Georgia peach, Lyndsay, at home on a garden tractor.  (It runs in the family.)

That's my son-in-law, Kevin, with Nattie, racing Cliff and Luke.

And this is my granddaughters, Natalie and Monica, last summer at the state fair.


artloner said...

It DOES run in the family!




tc01hm said...

They are addicting.

vortexgirl said...

After reading your other journal I thought you might do your assignment on Cabooses.  Good thing I still had the other one open so I cheated on how to spell it.  lol

msecz said...

Great pictures.... I enjoyed them, Sandra

lv2trnscrb said...

cute :)


robinngabster said...

Take me to the country!!! I love these pictures.

goddessninanna said...

vrooom, vrooom!

toonguykc said...

I loved driving the tractor as a kid!  Better than any of the clunky "hot rods" those town kids had.  :)


madcobug said...

A true tractor family. Greast pictures. Helen

deslily said...

Really great pictures!!  Never had a tractor ride *sigh.  It will be something the kids will never forget.. how great is that!