Thursday, December 1, 2005

Weekend assignment

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #88: The Good New Days

Taking a page off my long ramble about technology yesterday, a Weekend Assignment to make you glad you're alive right this moment:

Weekend Assignment #88: Talk about something people have today that you wished you had when you were a kid. Note this doesn't have to be a piece of technology -- it can be anything that's around now that wasn't around when you were a kid. Clearly, this assignment favors the older folks in the audience, but even the younger AOL Journalers can look around and find something that they wish they had back when they could try to convince their parents to buy it for them.

Computers, of course!  I'll bet lots of people give the same answer.

Extra Credit: Rocket car to the moon or robot butler: Which do you want more?

A robot butler.  I've no desire to visit the moon, but it would be great to have any kind of butler to do my housework while I play on the computer.

Want to play along?  Complete the assignment in your journal and leave the link to your entry at By The Way.


robinngabster said...

Ahhh a robot butler! That's what I want and make him wear jeans and a red flannel shirt!!!

marainey1 said...

What did we ever do with ourselves before computers ???  I know I read alot more books!  'On Ya' - ma

deslily said...

Make that a "maid" not a butler LOL.. want that robot to do MY work~ ! lol lol

monponsett said...

I want my robot butler to go to the moon.

siennastarr said...

I think I would have to say Computer too!  And.. I agree, a robot butler would certainly be nice! :)