Tuesday, December 6, 2005

It's STILL A Wonderful Life

I've often mentioned in this blog that my favorite movie of all time is "It's A Wonderful Life".  I've occasionally tricked Cliff into watching it with me; he likes it, if I can only get him started on it.  But the next generations have been less than impressed.

Well, tonight I had my two granddaughters later than usual (their parents' date night).  So I more or less forced them to watch the movie with me.

They're eight and ten, so some things needed to be explained.  Kids that age can't understand a "run" on a bank, or even how loans and interest work.  I tried to tell them, as well as I could.

"You guys left a town house where you paid rent to a landlord," I said, "so you could buy a house of your own, and not make someone else rich."

I don't think they really got it, and I saw them getting restless during the movie.

They had to go home before the end of the movie, but I'll make sure they see the end tomorrow afternoon.  Poor kids.

Surely SOMEBODY in this world will eventually see why this movie is important to me.

To see my last years' entry on "It's A Wonderful Life", click HERE.


vortexgirl said...

At least Cliff's back is better this year.  Or at least I hope it's better.  The grandkids will love it when their older.  When so much doesn't have to be explained to them.  Samantha can't sit still for the movies she likes so I don't make her watch movies with me.  
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

lv2trnscrb said...

Its hard to get the younger generation to appreciate good quality movies like this. I tried to have my son watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" a few years back and he just couldn't understand why that was so special of a program.


sam7md2 said...

Mo, I'm going to rent this movie this year and watch it again.  I read last year's blog for the first time and it was wonderful.  I love your writing, Mo.  What a blessing you have been in my life.  Thanks.........Love,Sam

zosche973 said...

It's always been one of my favorites! In fact, I like Jimmy Stewart movies; I find myself watching TMC a lot lately. ~Diane~

whitedove3622 said...

Wow has it been a whole year? I to love to share these oldies with the grands but somehow it just doesnt hit them like it does us. Maybe they are too young yet. Or maybe they just cannot relate. Still look forward to seeing that movie each year too. I always find another lesson in there each time I see it.

deslily said...

Yep, that's a great movie alright.. i seem to watch it each year too.. but generally when it comes on tv.. though i do own a vhs copy of it lol.  I'm more then proud of the fact that i wrote to Jimmy Stewart and he responded with an autograph only a year or so before he passed away... (the handwriting is shakey).. He just got better and better an actor as he aged... but that movie brought the best out of him.

Have great a great Christmas!


bhbner2him said...

Oh, I like this movie so much myself.  For all it teaches, and for the look back at a simpler, harder and yet maybe still happier time.  -  Barbara

siennastarr said...

Mosie, that movie is also one of my favorites, and I made sure to add it to my collection.  I always watch it every Christmas time... and even during other times of the year.  It's such a heartwarming story, and really makes you stop and realize how important each and every one of us is in this world.  Without each one of us, the events in the  lives of others would be altered tremendously.  We just don't realize it, until we stop and look at the BIG picture.  
I love this movie.. so you are not alone!


sanforized6 said...

Guess it is a little "heavy" for kids, BUT, it's something they need to learn about. Many great lessons in that film. rich

memes121 said...

Yea, the really good movies kids just don't get. I love them all.

ryanagi said...

I love that movie. It's one of my all time favorites. :-)