Thursday, December 29, 2005

I love bones; my son-in-law doesn't

I've always loved nice old bleached bones; I don't know why, but they fascinate me.  So I decided to share this fondness with my granddaughters, while we were down at the railroad track.

They were quite receptive.  And there's a treasure-trove of all sizes of bones along the railroad track.

I suggested they bang some of the bones together and listen to the sound it makes; it was a wonderful percussion sound!

Monica found some railroad spikes, and banged those together.  Those made a nice sound, too.  We all smiled at the sounds we were making.

Monica found some creature's jawbone that was shaped like a toy pistol, and shot a few things with it.

Because the bones were very well cured and bleached, I told the girls they could put some in their coat pockets and take them home.


The girls' daddy doesn't share our fondness for bones.

From now on, any bones we find will be put up for safe-keeping at my cabin, where they'll be fully appreciated.



ajoleblon said...

Reminds me of that Randy Travis song "Digging up Bones"....

lacaza3 said...

HA Too funny I guess he wouldnt like being in the O.R. with me I could show him some cut off skin, head with the skin cut back ..all kinds of stuff,blood
Donna In TEXAS

mastersblynn said...

I bet they love their cool grandma!!! Sounds like yall had a great day!!! Barbara

plieck30 said...

Do you remember when people use to save bones to sell? My cousin saved them in a big chest. I don't think it is allowed anymore. I like bones too. Don't know why. Paula

artloner said...

Bleh..but looks like ya'll had fun!


siennastarr said...

I find bones to be fascinating too!  I used to take my kids on hikes when they were smaller and we would find all kinds of old animal bones lying around.  My oldest son loved collecting them, and then taking them to his teachers to see if they could figure out what animal they belonged to.


salemslot9 said...

reminds me of a show on PBS yesterday
Georgia O'Keefe went to the southwest
painted red hills
and bones :)

bookncoffee said...

Just letting you know I've been reading up this morning on all your walks, bone collecting, rail walking, and such.  Your life is always adventurous.  Loved the pics of the trains too.  And Bless Tude's heart and I hope he feels better soon.  Hope his owner is good to him.  Sounds like he is if he's cleaning his stall and giving him medicine.

madcobug said...

LOL on the bones your SIL doesn't like. I liked the railroad pictures. Helen

msecz said...

I don't share you love of bones either but the walk is good and the railroad ties too... it is interesting about the bones though. :)  Sandra

anjelblaze said...

Mo, the sign is a milepost marker. It lets us know where we are on the subdivision. On the old Rio Grande, it would be 253 miles from Denver, on the UP, I guess it would be 253 miles from Omaha, LOL.
Just please be careful when walking around the tracks, them trains can sneak up on ya real quicklike.
Glad you and the girls had a good time. Anjel

csandhollow said...

Very neat!

helmswondermom said...

My family loves old bones, too.  Two of my sisters have a business where they make jewelry and wall-hangings from "found" items.  (They make them other things too, but mostly "found" items.)  The name of the business is BARE BONES AND IMAGINATION.  I have a beautiful wall hanging in my living room that contains things that were found at the site of my grandparents home.  My daughter loves old bones, fossils and rocks, and thankfully, she has parents who *expect* her pockets to full of them when she comes in.  You are a very good grandma!