Wednesday, December 28, 2005

free pictures

Just in case you AOL members hadn't noticed it, AOL is giving 100 free photo prints for a limited time.  Thinking there must be a catch, I loaded 100 photos into an AOL album (which took quite a long time, and I'm on cable). 

By george, it's true!  I'm getting 100 selected prints of photos I have on my computer, and all I pay is $5.96 shipping.  I believe you could even save that, if you picked them up; but I don't drive and Walmart isn't that nearby.

I love bargains.  Now I can make a photo album for 2005 that everyone can look at without gathering around the computer.

For the link where I found this information, click HERE.  I don't think it will open for non-AOL members.


fmgruber said...

I got enough troubles without trying to figure this bargain as well. LMHO. Fernan

fowfies said...

Would be a great bargain, if I wasnt already having to develop my pictures and scan them, oh woe is me, I am archaic aren't I? LOL

sassydee50 said...

Tthanks for sharing that! I will check it out! Sending New Year's Blessings to you & yours, Sassy ;-)