Friday, December 24, 2004

My puppy is turning into a dog

I thought it would NEVER happen.  We're able to pet Mandy now without her jumping all over us and nipping at our hands.  She's quit trying to eat the furniture and woodwork.  Cliff can turn her loose to go on his chore-rounds in the mornings, and when he calls her back to him, she listens and returns.  She still can't resist other dogs, so we have to be careful not to turn her loose when other canines are roaming the neighborhood (one drawback of living in the country, people don't keep their dogs home).

We think she's quite pretty, and suspect there might be a little Malamute mixed in with the Blue Heeler blood she got from her mother. 

THere she is with her head on my lap earlier this morning... this is her pose if she's inside when we happen to be eating.  (Don't you like my flannel pajamas?)

It has taken months, but I think this is going to be a dog we can live with and enjoy.

She still spends too much time in the house, but does fine in this frigid weather spending her nights in the pen Cliff built for her, inside her very snug igloo made of hay.  She loves being on her long chain in the yard during the day, when somebody's outside to supervise:  her houndish-looking young friend from next door comes to visit, and they wrestle for hours.

Mandy has pure joy in being alive.  What a gift! 


ksquester said...

Mo, Thanks for the dog pictures. I just love dogs. I could play with them for hours. Anne

astaryth said...

What a beautiful dog she is becoming...

dbaumgartner said...

What a lovely fur baby.  I'll bet she's a bit spoiled as well.  :-)

Merry Christmas,


csandhollow said...

I think you are right about the malamute part. I had one and the tail and mask goes right with it.

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