Saturday, December 11, 2004

bottling day

You should have seen me and Cliff last night:  All these bottles have been collecting for months, and I washed and rinsed them as they were emptied (yes, I really AM the chief cook and bottle-washer).  However, if you're going to put new wine in old bottles, they have to be sterile.  So Cliff half-filled the bathtub, washed them all there, then had me put the sterilizing potion in each of them, pouring it from one to the next.  They're ready, and Cliff plans to bottle at least one of our batches of wine today.  You can see Mandy is checking it out, wondering what all that junk is doing in the way of her dog food dish.

We still don't have a Christmas tree, and I really wanted to have one here for the girls to decorate this weekend.  This may be the first year we don't have a tree... but I doubt it!


krobbie67 said...

MMMM.... homemade wine is some good stuff. What kind do y'all make?
:-) ---Robbie

ksquester said...

My Mo, You gotta have a tree. Drink some wine and then convience Cliff to go get one, then decorate it. I want to see that picture.  Anne

ryanagi said...

Home made wine too? Man, you guys stay busy!