Thursday, December 30, 2004

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #41

Weekend Assignment #41: Make a new year's resolution... for your pet. If you have more than one pet, of course, feel free to make resolutions for any or all of them.

Mandy resolves to come as soon as her owners call, even if she's having fun with the dog next door, or chasing squirrels.

My horse, Blue, resolves never to chase the cows again, even when they tempt him by running at the slightest move he makes toward them.

The pigs resolve to eat as much as possible so they'll grow fast and be ready to butcher in February or March.

Oops, I forgot this:  Extra Credit: Imagine what your pet would make as a resolution for you.

Mandy's resolution for me:  That I'll let her run freely all day and night, all over the neighborhood, for the rest of her life.

Blue's resolution for me:  That I'll lose about twenty-five pounds.

The pigs' resolution for me:  That I'll become a vegetarian.



fierrorachel said...

ROFLMBO @ the pets resolutions for you.  If you become a vegetarian, maybe you WILL lose that 25 lbs for Blue!  Then all but Mandy would be happy.  That made me laugh after a horribly stressful day...Thanks!

toonguykc said...

What a great way to show how well you write humor!  I'm impressed!

hollyandbb said...

Hello! We're new to J-Land and just loved John's weekend assignment because it led us on a blog hunt for all the other pet lovers! Loved the entry and photos!

mavarin said...

Ooh - I couldn't eat an animal I blogged about as my pet! (Wanders off pondering her own love of meat....)  Karen