Wednesday, December 29, 2004

More 2004 memories

When I stop to think about all the fun I've had this year, it's mind-boggling.  In April, on Easter weekend, we went to visit our son and his family; that's my favorite time of year to see Georgia.  This year there was a bonus:  we traveled to Plains, Georgia, and went to Maranatha Baptist Church.  We sat in Jimmy Carter's Sunday School class, and had our picture taken with him and Ros after services.  What a thrill!  Only in America.

The following weekend I met with several long-time Internet friends in Dallas, Texas.  We visited the place where John F. Kennedy was shot, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.  Also, we went to South Fork Ranch, of "Dallas" fame.  Trust me, that driveway, the house, and the swimming pool are all much smaller than television made them appear.

In May, Cliff and I took a jaunt to Branson, Missouri, and had the best time I believe we've ever had there.  We almost overdosed on music shows:  In one day, we saw four seperate shows, barely making it from one to the next by starting time.  We WILL return next spring.  And on the way, we'll eat at Lambert's again.  Only this time, we'll order one meal for the two of us.  They serve up very generous portions.

More about 2004 in my next entry.


boiseladie said...

Wow!  You've had some wonderful times and great photos to keep those memories fresh!

toonguykc said...

Priceless picture!!  My oldest sister (the secret service agent) was awed by the Carters -- especially Rosalyn.  Don't tell anyone...but she once told me that she wished Ros had ran for prez instead of her husband in 1980.  shhhhh.

ryanagi said...

I had read the first two sentences of your post and spotted the picture and was thinking to, someone in her family sure looks a lot like Jimmy Carter...LOL! Imagine that!