Thursday, December 30, 2004

The rest of a wonderful year

My son and his family visited in July, which is always a great time.  We invited a few friends and relatives in, one day while he was here; and we'll attempt, next year, to have more in attendence... a reunion of sorts.  Wish me luck on this, it sounds like a lot of work.

Something I can't leave out about 2004 is the way my granddaughter, Amber, has influenced my taste in music.  She was spending practically every weekend here throughout the year, listening to her type of music:  alternative, or "punk", and it grew on me.  Before long, I actually liked Simple Plan, and suggested that, if they came to Kansas City, we should try to see them.  This led to Amber, her brother Arick, a friend of his, and myself going to "Van's Warped Tour".  Amber and I spent a brief time in a mosh pit... enough time for me to know I don't like mosh pits!  Amber and I are hoping Green Day makes it to this area during the coming year.  We really like them.

August took me and two granddaughters to the Missouri State Fair

And through this whole year, I've had some amazing adventures with my horse, Blue.  The ghost farm ride and the cornfield fire ride were the most exciting, but it's been great just watching the seasons change, thanks to the most wonderful horse anybody could ask for.  The time is fast approaching when I'll have to go part-time at work, if I'm going to make these worn-out knees last.  Most of my travels will likely cease, especially the air travel:  But as long as Blue is healthy and sound, our meanderings around the local countryside can go on for a long time. 

Here and now, I want to thank awonderful, loving God (and my patient husband, who just shakes his head at it all) for the things I've seen and done this year.  It's been far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.


firestormkids04 said...

Thanks so much for the memories you are sharing.  I love to hear the love come through.  Blessings, Penny  

pixiedustnme said...

You are one HIP grandma! -Kelly

amy122389 said...

When you color YOUR hair a couple shades, that's one picture I want to see!  LOL  My daughter says you're the coolest!  <g>