Tuesday, December 14, 2004

a quick update on Kody

Some of you wondered if I still see Kody.  Yes, I do.  I work with his mother, his grandma, and his aunt (my ex-daughter-in-law).  He lives less than ten miles from me, and his grandparents live in my little town, so Cliff and I do see him occasionally. 

We babysat Kody until he was old enough for the local pre-school... I suppose we had him about a year and a half.  By that time, my grandchildren were back where we could enjoy them again; Cliff had gotten a few raises, so the money wasn't so necessary; and we wanted to go camping and vacationing more. 

I guess I'm able to "let go" of people and things easier than most, when the time comes.  I never tried to keep Kody in my life; he has a host of relatives to love him.  It seemed he was sent to us for a season, and I will be forever grateful for all he meant to both of us.  I will say this:  Even now, when I see Kody's smiling face, my heart does a flip-flop:  the love for him is still there.


csandhollow said...

He is still there,, so maybe his reason is not over yet.

ksquester said...

Thanks for the update Mo. It's good to know he is surrounded by people who love him.  Anne

toonguykc said...

No matter how much the arrangements change -- he'll remember you forever, Mosie.  Cliff too.