Sunday, December 26, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. Did you travel for the Christmas holidays?  If so, how did you get where you were going and how was the trip?  Nope, no travel except for going to our daughter's Christmas Eve to exchange gifts, fifteen miles away.

2. Did you get most of the gifts you were hoping for?  Honestly, I don't worry about what gifts I'm going to get.  I received a can of Topsy's popcorn, which I love, and a box of Russell Stover's Chocolates (OK, so I have an eating problem).  Cliff got me a hay feeder for my horse and put in in Blue's stall; I wanted that.  But, as my granddaughter Natalie often tells anyone who will listen, "It's not about getting...."  Besides, if there's something I really, really want, Cliff usually sees to it that I get it, at any time of the year.

3. If you were to check Santa's list, would your name appear to indicate that you had been good enough in 2004 to have DESERVED those gifts?  Probably so; now, had I received another horse, or an $800 saddle, I'd have to say no.  Maybe that's why I didn't get those?

4. If you HAD to make one New Year's Resolution next year, what would it be?  Just one?  To get my weight where it belongs and maintain it there, I guess.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #35 from Mrs. L:  What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie or dessert?  There's a cranberry salad I love, another of my mom's recipes, that doubles as a dessert.  That's probably my choice.

                          CRANBERRY SALAD

Grind one bag of cranberries (I use the food processer).  Stir in two cups sugar and let stand in refrigerator all night.  Next morning add 1 can crushed pineapple, drained; four diced bananas; and a cup of nuts.  Whip one pint whipping cream and fold into the mixture (these days I just use a carton of Cool Whip).  I can eat this stuff until I'm sick!

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #36 from Promise:  Who inspires you the most in your life?  My husband.  There really aren't a lot of inspiring people in my life these days, but the longer I'm married to Cliff, the higher on the "inspiration list" he climbs.  After thirty-eight years; he's the greatest.


1.  His devotion to me is astounding, for I remain the self-centered only child and he continues to love me anyhow.

2.  His sweet, giving and loving heart.  He'll talk as though he's the most bigoted, spiteful person in the world; but when "the rubber meets the road" it turns out to be all talk.

3.  His patience with kids.  Our grandchildren wouldn't spend the amount of time here that they do if it were up to me to look after them constantly.  Cliff will stop working on all his favorite projects to do something with the kids.  We have 13-year-old twin neighbor boys who are home-schooled, and they spend the better part of each day with Cliff in his shop.  He's taught them to use tools safely, to weld, to overhaul lawn mower engines, and all manner of other useful things.  The boys drive most of us crazy, but Cliff's glad to have them around.  In fact I often tell him, if ever anyone was sent into his life by God, it's those boys.  He needed them, they needed him.  It's been a perfect match!

That's Cliff, Ryan (the twins' cousin, also a neighbor) and Travis and Tyler (or Tyler and Travis).


brdbttn6455 said...

Having a great Family, I believe is one of the greatest Blessings from the Lord...Lord Bless you and your Families

bnanajm said...

I continue to envy you Mosie.  Your husband, your kids, your life - - - all so wonderful.  I'd switch with you in a nano-second.  (Till I had to clean out the barn, that is)

May our dear Lord continue to bless you GREATLY.

Love you.


amy122389 said...

That's a great picture!  Those smiles (all of 'em!) melt my heart..  :)  Glad you had a wonderful Christmas....

justcherie said...

When I saw Topsy's on your list, I knew you had to be from the KC area!  I bought myself one of those cans with the Plaza lights on it a couple years ago.  My husband and I moved away from Shawnee KS in 1995.  We still talk about moving back someday!  Great answers and picture!

sam7md2 said...

Mo, that's a great picture of Cliff and the boys!  How wonderful that Cliff takes an interest in these boys!  I wish someone like Cliff had been around for my grandsons whose father never gave them the love and guidance they've needed.  Thanks for sharing your life with us, Mo.  I look forward to each day's entry.  Happy New Year!  Sam.......