Monday, December 27, 2004

close friends

"If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider to be a close friend, and who you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal."

That was in my daughter's journal, and I'm giving it considerable thought.  You see, I just don't let folks get too chummy; not all THAT close.  My husband is the one friend I consider "close". 

Cliff has often said to me, "You don't need people".  In some ways, he's right.  But of course, we all need people.  Otherwise, why would I spend hours of my life connecting with strangers on the Internet, whether it be by reading their journals, or spending short periods in chat rooms.  Surely I'm looking for something.

And what defines "close"?  I think of close friends as those who go shopping together often, share the same hobbies, go to parties together... that sort of thing.  Then I thought of another way to figure this thing out.

If there is someone to whom you'd give a kidney if she were dying, to save her life... I'd say that is a close friend.  And if that defines it, then yes:  I have some close friends online.

Or, if there's someone with whom you'd spend a night, or invite to spend time at your house... is that a close friend?  If so, I do have some close Internet friends.

Perhaps, all these years, I've expected too much out of "close" friends. 

Thanks, Rachel, for putting my mind to work so early in the morning.


fierrorachel said...

My best friend in the whole world is someone who lives less than 2 miles away, but I see her a handful of times a year.  We'd love to shop together and share hobbies, but we're both too busy.  We have talked about it, and agree that it's enough to know the other is *there* if we need something.  A kidney?  Sure thing...without a second thought.

cyandfayedavis said...

A "close" friend is someone with whom you can share with no fear of judgement.

ksquester said...

Friends can only enrich our lives. I can honestly say I have met some absolutely wonderful people on line. I may never get to meet them in person, but some I know more about than their own realitives. I am blessed to have many friends on and off line. Mo, I wouldn't have met you except for journaling and that my friend is "a good thing!"     Anne

bnanajm said...

Not only would I give you a kidney, (stone and all) I'd give you Jakie.



toonguykc said...

The Internet has really added a whole new twist to how we connect and form relationships.  I consider Sim to be one of my closest friends and yet the two of us have never met in person...yet.  I consider you to be a buddy of mine as well, Mosie.  Maybe we'll never meet in real life or maybe we will.  Who knows?  I'm happy with the situation as it exists. (Although the three of us getting together for lunch at some Italian place -- which sells wine by the glass -- would probably be a real kick!)

csandhollow said...

I have been told I need to get out and meet people, make real friends. I have meet some wonderful and not so wonderful people on the internet. Some of those I have developed real good relationships with. My friends here know when I am hurting both physically and emotionally. They do know more about me than even members of my own family do. My friends here do not know how many times that they have possibly saved me.

ryanagi said...

Yup. That sentence applies to me. I have several really close friends I met online.