Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weekend Assignment #40: When We Were Six

Here's what John had to say:

"This Weekend Assignment, I decided to step away from the usual holidays to note a very special day of another sort:

Weekend Assignment #40: It's my daughter Athena's sixth birthday today. Celebrate by sharing a story from when you were six."

OK John, there I am... second to the last in the row on the right, in the green and yellow home-made dress.  The year is 1950.  That shapely lady is Mrs. Eighmy, my first teacher, and she taught through the eighth grade.  I'm in the first grade here, but it's my second year at Skinner School, an old-fashioned, one-room country school in Iowa.  When I was five, I started "Primary". 

There were five or six of us in First Grade.  When it was time for us to be taught, we gathered little chairs in a semi-circle around the teacher and took turns reading.  When Mother, Daddy and I moved to the city later, I was so far ahead of the other kids that they put me ahead a grade, which was a mistake.  I was completely out of my element, trying to keep up with things I'd never learned.  They moved me back later, thank goodness.


mavarin said...

That is an amazing picture!  I'd like to read more about your school days sometime. - Karen

spurgins311 said...

I live in St. Louis and when I read "SKINKER" school I got to wondering if you went to school in St. Louis?

Indpendece Center looks faimliar to me-wonder if I've been there and can't remember. I was in Independence once and went to a shopping center that had a huge carosel, it was in the summer. Is that maybe the same one.

I love your school picture. I was in kindergarten in 1950. All my pictures are black and white. :) We had desks with the metal bottom but wooden tops and we would slide our books in on the side. Once I seen once at a Goodwill and bought it for about $2, brought it home and my daughter played with it till she was about 11. Now she is 33 - wouldn't fit in it now. :)   I don't have it anymore, don't know what happened to it.


ryanagi said...

You have some real treasures in that old farm house of yours. Great photo!