Wednesday, December 15, 2004



 I have a real dilemma every year when it comes to Christmas cards.  I really feel it’s a waste to just send impersonal cards with only our names signed... what’s the point in that?    On many years, we’ve had a relative take some sort of photo of Cliff and me, and had cards made:  one year I held a goose and Cliff held a turkey; another time, it was a shot of us with the last two dairy cows we owned.  People enjoyed these, and we had fun posing for and sending them.   One year I wrote a Christmas poem.  Most other years, I’ve written a Christmas letter to put inside the cards I send.  Whatever I’ve done, it was an effort to personalize the greetings.  I won’t waste a stamp sending a card with nothing but my signature on it.  

My muse has not visited me this year with a poem.  Cliff and I couldn’t think of any sort of photo that might make a good Christmas card.  So, here it is a few days until Christmas, and I’m left with two options: Send no cards, or compose the (dreaded by some) Christmas letter.  

Last night I started on such a letter, but here’s the  problem: Most of the exciting things I’ve done this year, I have done sans Cliff!  I went to Mexico without him (took my daughter instead, he didn’t want to go).  I visited Washington, DC, without him (visited Joanna, a friend of mine... he didn’t want to go).  My granddaughters and I spent three days camping at the State Fair... he took us down there, set up the camper, and came back and got us when it was time.  

OK, so he and I did go to Branson together, and we had a wonderful time.  And we went to Plains, Georgia, on Easter Sunday, sat in former President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class as he taught, and  afterward had our picture taken with him.  But folks, that’s it!  Cliff hasn’t even bought any new tractors this year for me to tell folks about.  

 I read over what I had written in my Christmas letter and decided it might be a short one, because I’m NOT going to send a chronical of what DONNA did this year.  I get to talk about myself enough in this blog.  Our Christmas letter will be about us, with of course some “honorable mentions” of our children and grandchildren.   Yep... it’s back to the drawing board on my Christmas letter.      


 P.S.  Sorry to all of you who got more than one notification of this entry... I messed it up and had to delete it and start over.

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dbaumgartner said...

No matter how short the letter is, it will still be wonderful.  You took the time to share yourself and you life with others and that is enough to make your Christmas Letter special.