Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004, What a great time

Probably the biggest event in a year of lovely happenings was my visit to Washington, DC... made possible by my dear friend Joanna (Bnana to you AOL folks).  She lives a few minutes from Dulles Airport, so I flew in, she picked me up, and we spent a glorious week together as tourists.  I had free room and board and a tour guide, to boot.  Joanna is one of my "Internet" friends, met in the old chat room.  We only skimmed the surface of things to see.  I'd so love to get Cliff out there.  He'd love the Smithsonian museums.  However, it's highly unlikely.

Anyway, Joanna's hospitality was such a gift, and allowed me to do something I'd otherwise not have been able to do.

To read my journal entries from that time, start here.  My blog was brand new.


bnanajm said...

After looking at the pictures, I see I need to go on a diet, but moreso,  "Thanks for the memories" Mosie.  I'd do it again in a second.  :o)


astaryth said...

The Smithsonian museums are incredible... I played in DC twice over the last few years, and both times got to spend a little time being a tourist... I could have just lived at the Smithsonian museums... I enjoyed the rest of visiting the monuments, etc, but the Smithsonian ruled!! Oh yeah, we always play during the Cherry Blossom Festival up there... I have some awesome pics of the cherry blossoms in full bloom!