Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thankful Saturday

The grandson who stays here has a job interview Monday.  If he gets the job, his salary would eventually be over half again as much as he makes now.  He's excited, and I am too.  From what I hear, he's proven himself a quite capable worker at the distribution center where he's employed; but they work a lot of three- and four-day workweeks.  That was great for my situation when I was there, but not so great for a young man who is his own sole support and is trying to save a little money for a place of his own, meanwhile trying to keep enough money in his pocket to impress the ladies.  He still has his part-time job two days a week, but it would be great if he's able to make one job fill the bill.  That business of rising at 3 a.m. twice a week is for the birds!

Cliff keeps getting good news on the work front:  He's been there fifteen years this coming May, so he got to choose a gift for that occasion.  He chose a food processor.  Go Cliff!  It surprised me that he remembered me griping that mine is about ready for the dump.  Also, he now gets three paid sick days, which is a new thing.  Since he's seldom sick, that translates as three motorcycle-riding days.  He'll be getting a raise before long, too.  And he's up to three weeks of paid vacation.  Good news all around.  I guess I'd better stop bemoaning the fact that we have to pay twice as much for health insurance this year.  At least it's good insurance!  I still recall the ten-year period when we had none at all.

Something I seldom think about (isn't it funny how we take things for granted?) is the fact that Cliff has a ride to work, so the rising price of gasoline hasn't affected us as much as it has most folks.  Cliff pays Tony $35 a week, and Tony refuses to take more.  It's seventy miles per day round trip, five days a week, and our car gets 24 MPG; no way could Cliff run all those miles on $35.  Not to mention that he can doze all the way home if he needs to.  On days Tony misses work, I worry about Cliff going to sleep at the wheel coming home at midnight.  He has an awful time staying awake sometimes. 

Meanwhile, both Cliff and I are pining away for a motorcycle ride; there may be hope of this today or tomorrow, as it's supposed to get up around 50°.  If it's too cool for the Gold Wing, I'll guarantee it'll be warm enough to ride my horse.

Another thankful:  I hear our friend JJ here in town, the one who had cancer in his eye, seems to be doing well.  They actually put some kind of radiation thingie behind the eye to kill the cancer.  They'll remove that today, the grandson told me, and JJ can get on with his life before long.  He's one of those people who doesn't take to sitting around, and I know he's chomping at the bit to get active.  I'm sure all prayers would still be appreciated.  He'll be adjusting to the fact that he'll only have vision out of one eye.

Everybody have a great day, and remember to count your blessings!



mutualaide said...

Nice update on the goings on in your neck of the woods!  Good luck Grandson with the job interview!

Prayers for JJ for continued progress in your treatment and good health all around.  

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like there's good news all around at your place!

suzypwr said...

Good luck to your grandson!

That is a great deal on the ride to work. It cuts the depreciation on your car tremendously, doesn't it?


lmitc89854 said...

It is 48 today but that wind is really awful. You be careful!

gracelandlady72 said...

Hi there,

I am new to this blog thing. Good luck to your Grandson.
Here in Medford,Oregon it's 47 and Partly Cloudy.
Have a nice day!


marainey1 said...

We will only make it to the 30's tomorrow, but I sure am thankful for that after the single digit weather we had this week.  I know you love getting out for a ride, so I 'll be looking for some pictures tomorrow.  My prayers will be going up along with a lot of THANKS and PRAISES too !  'On Ya' -ma

gen0507 said...

I hope everything works out for the grandson.  I'll be praying for JJ.


randlprysock said...

Thankyou for reminding me to count my blessings.  Sometimes I do forget and it is always a good feeling when I stop and think how the Lord takes care of us so well.  
Hope grandson gets the job!!  Yay, extra sick days is always great!!!  Hope he enjoys many motorcycle days and not real sick days!!!  We often use Rob's sick days to get extra business in for the side company.  They have been such a blessing.  Hugs,

helmswondermom said...

I was bemoaning the rising cost of groceries today, so your reminder is very timely!  I'm glad that things are going well for Cliff on the workfront, and I hope that your grandson gets that job.  I'm also glad to hear that your friend is doing well, and I hope the adjustment won't be too hard for him.  Hope you got to go on a ride today, horse or motorcycle!