Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memories, and it's a small world

Because it's winter and I'm not doing much to blog about, I've been recalling my past over at Blogger, remembering old times.

I've been surfing, too, and finding there are people blogging out there who aren't that far away from me, physically.  I'll see a name mentioned that seems familiar, make a comment about it, and lo and behold... I've found a neighbor!

Some of my new friends come from links on the Kansas City Bloggers site; although I have little in common with most of these folks, I see a couple of them accept me anyhow; even the atheists.  And we're actually starting to converse in our comment sections.

The other day I googled the names of some former pastors, which led me to a comment somebody had made on a blog.  I followed that comment to that lady's blog and found out we have mutual friends.  She lives in Oak Grove.

One of the people she links to lives in Richmond, Missouri, and that blogger knows a good buddy of mine, Shirley, who used to live in that town.  Shirley lives within a short horseback ride from me, these days.

This Internet is starting to feel like a small world indeed.

I like that.

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jeff466 said...

I took your idea after reading this and read over some of my old blogs-It was nice seeing my friends comments and seeing what I was up to back then.

I hope you have a great weekend  :) Jeff

mutualaide said...

I think I'm going to join you over at Blogger for a visit and see just what you used to be up to.  Not much going on in my town ... when I google for blogs, there are a couple of real estate sites that pop up.  I guess they're shy in this town.  lol

breakaway1968 said...

That is really cool!  I should start poking around!  See who I can find

suzypwr said...

Looks like you found some new friends :-)


gen0507 said...

That's great that you've made new friends.


exptmircle said...

I love Bill and Gloria Gaither and I was so blessed to take my mother to one of their concerts before she passed. is a small small world afterall.  I live about 5 minutes from Disneyland and one of the rides has that song playing.  Once it is in your head it hangs out there for days.
Have a great weekend.

exptmircle said...    
enjoy- guess what is stuck in my head.