Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our tax man

You'd have to meet the guy to understand.

He's probably in his 70's; he's a World War II veteran and a good Catholic.

He calls all the ladies "Honey".

His wife is the sweetest lady you'd ever want to meet.  She told me today that she's recently become a great-grandmother, and showed me pictures of the baby who was born on her birthday.

You can't help but love both of them.

But their house is saturated with cats, and the odor that cats emit.  Not to mention the smell of the cigars Nick smokes.  He had three in his pocket today, so he was well prepared.

Each year, Cliff sits in the car while I take our W2 forms and other essential paperwork into Nick's house.  Because Cliff can't stand the cat smell, not to mention the hair on all the furniture.

Today things went as expected.  Nick and I went over the forms I took in, and he said, "I think you're OK on everything."

When we were done, after making some small talk, I said, "Well then, I'd best be going; Cliff's out there waiting."

"Cliff's out there?"  Nick said.

"Yes, he's reading magazines to pass the time; all this stuff bores him."

"Well I've got to go out and say hello," says Nick.
And he did; he noticed Cliff had lost some weight since the last time he saw him (which was probably three or four years ago).

Sometimes it's worth smelling cat odor and cigar smoke, you know?  I rather like having somebody call me "honey", and remembering what Cliff looked like three years ago.

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domsmom27 said...

Anybody who loves cats has got to be good!

redpoppy007 said...

I couldn't take that either.
I am allergic to cats.
It can not be healthy to live like that.
Looks like the smell would bother them.

nerves05 said...

I love tax time.
Of course i have kids so tax time is a good time of the year for me. I call it rich for a week because for 1 week i don't have to worry about money issues.
But usally i have it spent by the time i get it.
I know i probably should put it in the bank and save it but i figure i have worked all year and i deserve to have some of the thing i have wanted all year and couldn't get. And when you get some money why not get it, it's not putting you in debt because you can pay cash for it and it's yours. And as long as your not behind on bills. Go for it.

Did i say i LOVE tax time?
Take care   :-)

marainey1 said...

Just a note to let you know I'm sorry someone tried to spoil your day with a bad comment.  I was just thinking how nice everyone is in jland.  Most are very kind and supportive.  Hope the rest of your day is great !  'On Ya' - ma

fowfies said...

The cigar smoke wouldnt bother me so much, but the cat smell...would. Funny coming from someone that has had cats for a lot of years, up until my last one died recently. Never have cats again. I am done with litter boxes and cat hair, puke balls and scattered litter on the floor. Done with face rubbing spots on the walls, done with the licking, the scratching. Done with things getting shredded. Just done, and happy about it. To each his own, if they like cats, I have nothing against them. :)

gen0507 said...



geocachelinda66 said...

I don't blame cliff about the smoke and cat smell.  Nice of you to visit however honey!  Linda

suzypwr said...

It's also nice to see old friends like that! I love seeing my tax guy - we do my taxes, go to lunch, catch up on old stuff - he also calls me honey and is a good Catholic :-)


lorinokla said...

lol! our tax man is an exact nerd clone! pocket protector and all.

We have not done our taxes yet but, it looks like we'll have to pay in again :(   but it's under $1,000 for that alone I am thankful!

I cannot tolerate the smell of cats either. Luckily, my cats do not smell because they use their litterbox which I keep very clean. The new products on the market today are great for allowing that!

I like it when people come over and are suprised we have not one but two cats.