Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another post today? Yep.

Random thoughts going through my mind:

1.  Why would anyone let a sibling make them feel worthless?  What sort of sibling would constantly make you feel bad because you are a few pounds overweight?  (No, I'm not talking about me or Cliff; I have no problem nipping THAT in the bud.)

2.  Why wouldn't you TELL said sibling, "You are making me feel like crap and I want you to stop?" 

(OK, Cliff says most people can't be as up-front as I am about this sort of thing.  ::shrugs::

I simply wonder, "Why can't they?")

3.  I'm looking forward to visiting my sister in Texas in about three weeks.  I love my sister, she's the best.  I can't wait.

4.  I talked on the phone today with a niece (my late brother's daughter) with whom I haven't been in touch for ages.  That was nice.

5.  Back in my first days on AOL, I hung out in a wonderful Christian chat room.  They held "chat reunions" here and there across the country.  The first such gathering I attended was in Dallas; the dear lady who has always sponsored this event is holding the very last one, this year.  I had no intention of attending, but now I'm thinking about it.

6.  I'll be attending a funeral Monday.

7.  It's cold, and I'm grumpy.

Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


fierrorachel said...

I think the bitter temps cause random entries.  We are stuck home in our thoughts, and you and I share the need to get those thoughts out.

WTH is the sibling thing about?  Oh, and you ARE more blunt than most.  I've always said that I prefer that over the "mind games" that most families play, but it could be hurtful if someone didn't know  you.  I've done it, and been told that I was "cold" or something like that.  At least we're honest.

Bring me back something cool from Mexico!  If I have $$ at the time, I may send you some for a blanket.  We have 3, but they're such a great size, and wouldn't take up too much room in your baggage.

You should go to the reunion.  Seriously.

Funerals suck.

I'm cold, too, but not grumpy tonight.  I've been grumpy a lot, with the weather, but today was good.

rollinghillsides said...

I enjoy your straight forward manner.  You DO say it like it is, the best way .. no 'pussyfootin' around!   But, you let us all see your big big heart, too, just read your blog about how much you love your horses.   A very touching entry.  So I think you have it all .. practicality AND heart, all mixed together.  I've felt a bit grumpy today too, four full hours at our church Annual Meeting.  Judy

lanurseprn said...

I don't know the answer to your question. All of my siblings made me feel like I was ok all of the time....even when I was overweight.  I think if one of them had started in, my Stepmother would have punished 'em hard! I'd like to believe that anyway. <smile>

magran42 said...

I loved this entry because this is the way I think most of the numbered lists.

geocachelinda66 said...

I think siblings get into roles at kids and continue it into adulthood.  I bet that one who is making the other feel like crap has always been a bully.  

breakaway1968 said...

Yep your hubby is right...most people can't do that.  I in fact envy you if you can because for the most part I can't do that.  UNLESS it has to do with my kids THEN I can! lol If it's about me then no I will keep my mouth shut. lol  

suzypwr said...

I think some people are just born with a burr under their saddles and they want to take the rest of us down with them!


mutualaide said...

Family dynamics ... aren't always what we'd hope they'd be.  :)

fowfies said...

Encouraging loving words go a lot further than spiteful hurtful words. What is that saying? You draw more flies with honey than vinegar.