Friday, January 11, 2008

Quite a day!

Cliff took off work today so we could go to his cousin's husband's funeral.

I've gotten acquainted with Edna, Cliff's cousin, through correspondence in email.  It's surprising, really, what you can learn about a person just exchanging emails.  I've learned that Edna is big-hearted, hard-headed, and not afraid to tell you what she thinks.  I can tell you that if you are crazy enough to harm one of her kids or grandkids, she might be dangerous.

As for her husband O.L., I hardly knew him at all.

I knew he worked with a former neighbor of ours, Mr. Jackson, years ago; and that our neighbor thought highly of him.

I knew O.L. was quiet, and always seemed to have a smile.  That's about it.

But today at his funeral, I got to know him better.

One lady stood up and told, in tears, how Edna and O.L. took her in as a troubled twenty-one-year-old.  She said they saved her life, and her soul, at a time when nobody else would have helped.

Two stood and tried to tell through their tears how, if they'd had to choose a dad, they'd have chosen their Dad.

Afterward, I told Cliff, "I didn't realize O.L. was such a great guy."

Cliff answered, "Oh yeah, everybody loved O.L."

After the funeral, we stopped by Cliff's Aunt Gertrude's house.  The woman is, I believe, close to eighty years old, and babysitting several kids.  One little girl is three months old, and I had a blast playing with her and making her giggle.

Then we went on to Jefferson City to see another of Cliff's aunts who's in the hospital there, his Aunt Faye.  She was glad to see us, and Cliff got to chat with three of his cousins who were there to visit.

Before we went inside the hospital, I took this picture of the Missouri State Capital.

When we left, the view looked like this:

Oh, about my mom's pictures and keepsakes.  I'm going to take the advice of some of my readers (I think Ora was one who suggested it) and have a box for my son, my daughter, and my sister (who will make sure her sons and grandsons get what's due them).  I'll sort everything accordingly.  I know there'll be a few things that go to cousins, so I'll probably have a shoebox labeled for cousins in general, and sort that out later.

That should work.


helmswondermom said...

I'm glad Cliff got to see so many of his relatives today.
Good idea about the keepsakes and pictures.

ryanagi said...

I felt the same way when I went to a friend's dad's funeral a few years ago. I'd met the man a few times, but I didn't really know him that well. I was just floored at the funeral how well known, loved and respected he was. He did so much during his life and touched so many people. We should all live so well.

dontyouwant2no said...

It's good to hear there are really good people out theree. I have met a few that are truly good hearted people. The ones that always have a smile on their face no matter what. I love being around them. I havn't got to your other entrys I missed but I'll read later I hope u doing good take care.

magran42 said...

sounds like a plan to me.   My Dad had a cousin that was "the black sheep" of the family in her youth.  When I went to her funeral, I was shocked at the talent and life she had led.  All my impressions as a child were not at all what I heard at her funeral.

breakaway1968 said...

Sounded like a  really nice funeral.  Glad you guys had nice visits while you were there.  

marainey1 said...

May he rest in peace.  How nice to be remembered by lots of folks like that.  We should all be so lucky.  When my parents passed away, people told us things about them that we never knew.  All of it kind and good for sure.  Lovely picture of the Capitol and how different it looks after dark.  'On Ya' - ma

gen0507 said...

Sounds like Edna's husband was a wonderful man!  I'm glad that you & Cliff were able to go, & got to visit with so many family members.  I know they were glad to see you both.  That was a good picture of the capital & pretty at night.  Good idea about the keepsakes of your Mother's.


ora4uk said...

saying good bye to our loved ones is never easy...but being there was a comfort to the was all the other visitations you sure stacked up some beautiful memories....Hugs...Ora

mutualaide said...

Well, you may have traveled to a funeral, but it seems it was a good day!  

randlprysock said...

The pictures are beautiful.  Funerals can be so hard.  
So nice of you to arrange things in the boxes like that for family members.  Hugs,