Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not much action around here

All my favorite things to blog about... motorcycle rides, horseback rides, the great outdoors... have been put on hold due to the season.  Winter has us in its grip and won't even relent for one day, it seems.  Yesterday the forecast was for temperatures to get into the 40's, which would have allowed me at least a brief afternoon horseback ride; but we didn't make it past 40°.  Looking at what is being forecast for the next ten days, there still will be no nice weather.

Oh, Cliff and I bundle up and get our daily walk in, for which Sadie is thankful.  The pasture is frozen hard, and bumpy, which is rough on old knees; so we walk slower than usual for my sake.  There's always a feeling of accomplishment when we're done, because we surely didn't want to go for a walk under such conditions!

Yesterday the weather-guessers were predicting two to four inches of snow coming in tonight.  I'd welcome it; snow brightens up the world, although I'll admit it makes our walk in the pasture a little more difficult.

As of this morning, I've lost nine pounds of my holiday weight gain; five more would get me back where I started, although it would be nice if I could lose a couple more than that.  This time of year I have trouble in the evening, wanting to munch something constantly.  I solve this problem by going to bed at 7 P.M.  Yes, I do go to sleep that early.  Of course, I'm up by 3 A.M., but I don't have the munchies at this time of day.  I drink my coffee and hold off on breakfast until Cliff wakes up around 7:30.  Cliff is losing his holiday weight little by little too.

I realize that blogging about the weather and weight loss makes for the most boring kind of entry ever; but I figured I needed to blog about something, so there you have it.  If you haven't fallen asleep by now reading this, I bid you good day.  Bundle up against the cold!

Oh, do you want to smile?  Go read "Because I Said So" and see what Dawn's kids got into today.   Makes me sorta thankful for my boring days.

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marainey1 said...

All of us get into a little bit of a winter cycle this time of year.  You cannot do much when everything is frozen, but stay inside.  I have so many things to do here that that would be ok.  It's just that I have to go to work each day and when I get home, I've little energy for anything else.  I remember my grandfather going to bed about 6:30 and getting up about 3:30.  We always said he got up with the chickens. I do munch too much and it is the reason I'm over 20 pounds where I should be.  Spring will come again, it always does.  'On Ya' - ma

magran42 said...

Weight loss is never boring to is inspiring.  Now I know how to handle the evening munchies.  Thank You.

mutualaide said...

This time of the winter does bring on the doldrums, cabin fever, call it what you will.  It's tough to get out and enjoy when everything is cold and frozen.  cograts on the weight loss!!!

dbaumgartner said...

Good for you and congratulations on your weight loss. I go to bed early as well but I'm up at 4am. It's all good!!!


ryanagi said...

Now, see? If I just came over to your house to eat every day, I know I'd be down to a more manageable size in no time!  ;-)  

lanurseprn said...

The other night I went to bed early like you and I was up at 3:30am. That's the part I don't like LOL!
Enjoy your quiet day.

fowfies said...

Yes, it is that time of year now, we have to try and make it patient and Spring will come soon. Glad you liked my entry, I guess I did it at the right time as it seems like you needed a little lift.:) Your entries are never boring. I always like to read whatever it is you may write. So keep on writing. I noticed your entries had dropped off, glad to see you make one.  COngratulations on more weight loss, it is one of the hardest things to do. I went to that blog and oh yeah, glad for my boring

exptmircle said...

That is great about your weight loss.   Keep up the good work......proud of both of you.

gen0507 said...

Congrats on your weight loss.  We have got an inch of snow this evening & it's still snowing.  That is a treat for us.


helmswondermom said...

I didn't think this was boring at all.  Good job on losing the weight!  I'm sure you'll lose those last pounds as well.  We're looking at some yucky weather coming in tomorrow, so I probably won't get my walk in, unless it hold off until late morning.  Take care!

jeff466 said...

It is 16 degrees here with flurries now. Brrrr.  I always get the munchies at night, I try to resist or have carrots but when the spirit is weak I have something unhealthy and yummy!  I hope it warms up soon for your walks.

suzypwr said...

I finally caught up on all your entries! It really made me realize how far behind I am on everyone. I am waiting for the wedding for your rooster and his new hen :-)