Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Easily influenced

I mentioned before that I've been perusing blogs and journals, checking out new ones.  After all, it's wintertime.  On days when it's too cold and nasty to ride the horse or the motorcycle, reading blogs is as good a pastime as any. 

And yes, my house... at least the part I live in... is pretty much up to Flylady standards... for me, anyhow.

While I did complain about some of the angry local blogs I've stumbled across, I have also discovered some quite interesting folks.

One is "The Country Doctor's Wife".  I believe she's out in the boonies of Kansas somewhere.

Don't think I'm putting her down; she's stashed away in my bloglines to read every day.  But by reading her views, and then following comments left in her blog, I've discovered something quite interesting:  an anti-Pioneer-Woman sentiment!

Now here's what's strange:  After reading a few comments from people who are tired of Ree's sunshine, toe-picking, and hiney-cringing (or tingling), I found myself thinking, "Yeah, maybe she does do a little too much of that!"

Good grief!  I'm sixty-three years old and I'm that easily swayed by others' opinions?  Or did they, perhaps, simply open my eyes to something I hadn't thought of?

Are these folks just jealous of Pioneer Woman's popularity?

I'm off to a corner to pick my toes and think about this one.


mutualaide said...

Oh You!  Now I'm going to have to follow the links.  :::sigh:::  Although, I think because of you, I found the Country Doctors Wife -- last week!  LOL

lmitc89854 said...

No one can get me to stop reading PW!

madcobug said...

Why not just do what you enjoy doing and forget how others feel. If you like a blog then that is the blog you should read. Sorry, voicing my humble opinion. Helen

astaryth said...

I love reading Ree's blog.... but I also know that she, like us, puts in to her blog what she wants people to see. I mean, if I have a -huge- fight with G, I still blog about that picture I took yesterday, or a movie I watched, NOT about how he is a dork... although, he often is ;p  

I also work with animals, and I assure you, the day to day work is booooooring! (as you know!) But Ree has beautiful scenery to put behind her shots and other things to talk about when the day was boring. She has the added advantage of boring for her is interesting to us because we don't live in such a place. I was surprised at the interest I get when I post about something with the horses, which are every day and normal for me. Also she, her kids, and hubby happen to be photogenic.. AND she has a wonderful camera and expensive lenses (which I couldn't afford) to take those pictures with AND a full version of Photoshop (again, I couldn't afford without saving for a year!) to fix them up and make them look amazing. <LOL>

I will admit that I don't tell people about Ree without the caveat that if they don't have a high-speed connection they should run as far away from her blog as they can. She posts a LOT of pictures. I also don't reccomend another of my favorite sites to dial-up people.... and I absolutely LOVE CuteOverload.

Still, I will continue to read Ree because I enjoy the site. She has a very engaging way of writing, and a good understanding of her audience. Look at the success of the love story she has been running in how many installments? And the photo contests? Everyone loves a contest, and the prizes usually rock! ;p

And, on top of all that? Now you've offered up another good blog... which will probably end up in my bloglines account. It's starting to take me a couple of hours a day just to check up on blogs if I check them all, even if I don't comment.

breakaway1968 said...

Ok so today I'm going to have to check up on those blogs now lol  IF My baby is feeling better!  

suzypwr said...

Why not go for a whole pedicure while you are there (picking your toes, lol!)!


fowfies said...

LOLLLL I am cracking up here...as I pick my toes with you...he he...too funny. Well we know she is real now! She has been on CNN! As for whether her life is that shiny and happy, well, we all know its not all the time, but, she chooses to leave the spills and negativity of life out, and thats okay! I try to do that as much as I can too...it doesnt always work, but I try! I love her journal, and though I may be envious, I am not jealous. She does a great job and keeps lots of folks interested..she must be doing something right! Right?

randlprysock said...

LOL That's cool that Pioneer Woman has such a following.  I'm glad you are keeping us posted on some new blogs.  It's nice to see what else is going on out there in the blog world.  I keep it so real in my blog no one reads it but just the few I let in there who must be bored out of their minds with me reporting basically the same things everyday.  But I get to write and vent in there and tell everyone I'm mad at my hubby when I am.  I talk about the garage shelves the most I think.  LOL.  I try to keep it light most of the time though.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so serious.    

helmswondermom said...

I don't think you're easily swayed.  I've done the same thing -- going along all "dum-de-dum-de-dum", happy in my own little world, when all of a sudden someone raises a question that makes me stop dead in my tracks and begin to wonder.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps I should start reading Pioneer Woman more often to see what I think.

schoolgal040 said...

I love Ree and The Pioneer Woman. I'm glad that there is a woman (hopefully more) that is happy with her life and the BIG change meeting Marlboro Man brought to her life. I actually look up to her. So what if she is popular? She works hard, she is Mommy, a wife, she works a ranch and keeps up with this beautiful blog. And lets not forget all the money she donated, I think it was almost $5,000 or more to charity over the sales of her calendars! I think she is great and I read her often.