Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The motorcycle we sold

I mentioned in the previous entry that we sold our "extra" Gold Wing.  It's the one we bought after we realized we'd made a mistake in selling our blue bike.  We figured an old one would do:  we wouldn't have much invested and could still have our fun.

Unfortunately, after owning a 1500 CC motorcycle, an 1100 seems woefully lacking in power.  Since Cliff's cousin had a 1500 he truly needed to sell, we bought it.  And there we were with two Honda Gold Wings.

We advertised the older one on Craigslist; one man came to look, but didn't buy it.  I figured come spring, we'd sell it.  I didn't see any pressing need to get rid of it quickly.  Truth be told, we'd probably have been willing to take a little less than we paid, when the time came.

That's Cliff's brother Don on the left and Pat on the right.  Pat's the guy who bought the motorcycle, and I'll explain why I think he bought it.

Pat had several older tractors he wanted to sell last year.  He'd purchased some of them at a good price as a package deal from some farmer who had simply parked them along a fence as he bought newer tractors.  Where these guys live in southwest Kansas, it's farm country.  Real farmers don't have a lot of use for old tractors; they buy great big expensive new ones.

Neither Don nor Pat has Internet access.  When they didn't have much success selling those old beasts, Cliff volunteered my services:  There are two websites where you can advertise farm equipment at no charge:  Tractorhouse and Yesterday's Tractors.  And of course, there's the ever-present Craigslist.  I listed the tractors along with Don's phone number and location, and a couple of them sold. 

In our Kansas City area, there are lots of hobby farmers who are glad to get old used tractors; they only have a few acres and don't want to spend a lot of money on equipment; and there's still lots of use left in those relics from the 1960's and 70's.

So Cliff suggested to Donald that he haul their unsold tractors up here where there's more of a market for them.  I'd list them on Craigslist and maybe they'd  sell.

We had success.

When Cliff called Donald to tell him he had this ugly old propane-fueled tractor sold, Don informed him that we could keep the money; his buddy Pat wanted our 1100 Gold Wing.  Consider it a trade, he said. 

This seemed a little strange to us, since Pat already has one 1100 Gold Wing.   Because the tractor brought $500 more than we had invested in the motorcycle, Cliff offered to at least give Pat that much of the cash.

Nope, says Donald.  You guys have helped us out quite a bit; Pat doesn't want the money.

I think this is just his way of paying us for selling his tractors.

What a nice guy. 

There's still one unsold tractor here.  Anybody want to buy a much-used and abused Massey-Ferguson?

I didn't think so.


madcobug said...

Sounds like some good bartering to me. You rub my back and I rub yours kind of thing. I think it's great that you made some extra $$$. Helen

fowfies said...

Well it sounds like everything worked out for everybody! Good deal. :)

breakaway1968 said...

Wow that was really nice of him...but it was also very nice of you to do that for him too.  Pretty even trade and you tried to give some of that money back which was very thoughtful...you guys are just both very nice people and when you deal with that situation it always seems to work out SO well!   Loved the pics!  

exptmircle said...

Isn't the internet the most fabulous thing?  Consider the extra your commission for all your work of selling them.  Good job.

amy122389 said...

I like that tractor but I don't think the Homeowners Association would consider it a decorating feature like I would...... ;-P


marainey1 said...

You are always helping out someone so it's good you made a little extra on the deal.  I think it would not have been sold without your internet help.  It is amazing how so much is being bought and sold on those sites.  Many say their business is down because of it and more and more are putting their stores on line.  I love shopping that way as it saves gas and time and energy.  Enjoy your stash.  'On Ya' - ma

gen0507 said...

I'm glad that everything worked out.


mutualaide said...

Goes to prove 'what goes around, comes around' adage is true.  Nope, sorry, can't use the tractor ... but it might make a nice planter.

hannahnoles123 said...

nice one thats very cool