Sunday, January 6, 2008

Finding bloggers in your own area

Someone left a comment asking how you find bloggers in your own area:  What started me on my search was an article in the Kansas City Star that talked about a few area blogs, and gave the URLs.  Among these was a core group that meets in various bars once a month or so to get to know one another face to face.

Once you've found one local blog, you simply check out their links to other blogs, and they often have locals listed.

I've stumbled onto a few bloggers from the nearby metro area simply from following links to read MEME entries (like Wordless Wednesday, over at Blogspot) and seeing them mention a local spot; I'll think, "Hey, she lives around here!"  The ones I've found in that manner are mostly young mothers, and I enjoy getting to "know" them on the Internet.

I've also found that if you go to Google, type in "blogspot" and the name of your city, you'll find local bloggers. 

By the way, I have nothing against anybody being left-wing, atheists, blah blah blah... unless they are angry, ranting ones!  That's really what turned me off in my reading yesterday.  "Live and let live" works for me.  I'm sure they feel the same about angry, ranting Christians.

So there you have it!


magran42 said...

I don't like constant angry ranting about anything.  I know there is the occasional meltdown and that is expected but the angry ranting personality is what I just can't take.  It rubs off on one.

marainey1 said...

I like the space where I am with my jland friends so I don't go searching out many others.  There are only so many hours in my day and I am happy with the ones I do read like yours.  
'On Ya' -ma

mutualaide said...

I do like to seek out new journals and blogs elsewhere and I am very satisfied when I am able to 'connect' with another -- but as we all lament -- there ain't enough time in a day to keep up with all of them, so some are daily reads, some are weekly reads and some I just catch up on now and again.  No set science or system for that -- it seems a natural flow just occurs.  

suzypwr said...

When I travel, I always like to find one or more of our very own j-landers to meet up with and maybe have lunch. It has always been a good experience and a lot of fun!


gen0507 said...

Well, I'm not a blogger...I'm just a commenter.  I'll just stick to the ones I enjoy reading.  (LIKE YOUR'S)  


breakaway1968 said...

Great info!  

lanurseprn said...

This was interesting. Thanks for answering the question. A few of the people I know live within two hours of me in each direction. Maybe I should meet them before I start looking for more, huh?
Have a good day.

nay0114 said...

That's interesting I've often wondered how you come across people. I guess I was just a one in a million thing because a girl that commented in a friends journal saw me mention a place she knows and she asked me where I lived and we found out we live 15 minutes away from each other, but we've not got to meet face to face yet.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie