Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anchored in Love

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an eternal fan of Johnny Cash.  I have been ever since the 'fifties.  On my computer I have dozens of his songs, from his younger days (Don't Take Your Guns To Town) up through his "American recordings", in which, on the later ones, he sounds as tired and ill as he really was when he made them.

I loved "Walk The Line".  I don't purchase many movies, but that's one I added to my collection.  I also bought the DVD set of "The Johnny Cash Show" with portions of the old TV show I watched when my kids were babies.

What I'm saying is, I love Johnny Cash, rest his soul.

I'm also fascinated with the history of Carter Family, who were singing on the radio when my parents were teenagers.

So when I found out John Carter Cash wrote a book about his relationship with his mom, I purchased it post haste!  And read it in record time.  I usually dawdle about reading books, often having three or four going at once and sometimes taking weeks to finish any of them.   This, of course, adds to the clutter and "hot spots" that Flylady often warns me about.  So be it.

This book had me from the first page, and I finished it over the course of the past weekend.

John Carter wrote this book with an honesty that must have been difficult for him, allowing the reader to get a glimpse inside the lives of his parents that no previous biography, autobiography or movie has shown.

The harsh reality isn't so pleasant as it's been portrayed.  There's no "happily ever after" ending, at least not here on this earth.

Thanks, John Carter Cash, for showing me how it really was, and for doing it with love.


madcobug said...

Bet that was an interesting book. I would think the way for them was a stormy one, especially in the beginning. Helen

geocachelinda66 said...

That is great.  I'm glad you enjoyed the book.  Yes I'm sure people's private lives aren't as rosy as they look in public!  Linda

mutualaide said...

I think because people are human, yes, even those famous humans, personal stories are tended to with care -- and often told in a way that hides the rougher parts of life.  I'll be looking for this book at the library.  

suzypwr said...

I don't think a book you love can count as clutter. If it does, flylady needs some help, lol! If you feel guilty, give up something else to make room for the book :-)


randlprysock said...

Great entry!!  So glad you were able to get a hold of that book and enjoy it.  A legend to us all!

amy122389 said...

When Johnny Cash did the remake of Hurt (from Nine Inch Nails) it was so sad.  The lyric starts "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel".  I know it's just a song, but he had feeling behind it, you know?  (I'm making no sense this coffee pot is taking forever to brew...)


purplehazebarn said...

Interesting that you should write about Johnny Cash today, as I just show his movie "Walk The Line" last evening.  I had seen bits and pieces of it through the years, but this was the first time I sat down and watched it from beginning to end.  Great songs, even though his life wasn't the greatest.  LaVern

jlester961 said...

You, Jackson and Johnny Cash - Jackson "discovered" Johnny when he was about 14 and has been listening ever since. I still remember him asking me if I'd ever heard of that guy, that made me laugh - I'd grown up with him -who doesn't love that "Burning Ring of Fire"!

helmswondermom said...

I would like to read this book; may have to get it for my mom.  She and her brothers go to a special celebration at the Old Carter Homestead every Spring.  The only one of the old ones left is A.P.'s wife (can't remember her name), and last year was the first year that she wasn't feeling up to being there.

breakaway1968 said...

My mom loved johnny cash and I was always hearing him sing as a teen and of course as a teen who did not like country I ran out the door lickedy split!  I can appreciate music like that now and really listen to it.  Thanks for sharing the info on the's one my mother would have loved to read if she were alive today.  

plieck30 said...

Interesting. I'd like to read that book. Paula