Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our doctor rides a Harley

Cliff is supposed to see our family doctor regularly.  Some of the heart and blood  pressure meds he takes could be damaging to his liver; so every three or four months, he gets a blood test and is checked over by Dr. D.

Once a year, Cliff visits his cardiologist, although neither of us could really see the necessity of this:  Dr. D keeps a close eye on Cliff, and if anything went wrong, he'd send him straight to the cardiologist.

Today we asked Dr. D if that specialist was necessary.  He smiled and said no.   Good!

I always go into the exam room with Cliff; I started doing this because he can't hear well, but I've since found that I can ask questions Cliff never thinks of. 

I'm sure all my readers have been through this ordeal when visiting their doctors:  You sign in and have a seat in the waiting room.  Five to ten minutes later, a nurse summons you, and you get yourself weighed and blood-pressure-checked.  Then you're escorted to an examination room; if you haven't been through this as often as Cliff and I have, you might have high hopes that the doctor will be there shortly.

No way.  The nurse makes a timely visit.  She asks questions, makes notes, and takes blood.  But it might be forty-five minutes before the good doctor appears.  At least Cliff and I can converse while we're waiting.  But we always wonder how Doctor D. can be so far behind, so early in the morning.

Finally our short, Italian doctor (our son knew Dr. D's son in school, when we lived in that district) shows up, and we put away our Readers' Digests.  He asks all the right questions:  "Do you have plenty of energy?"  "Any chest pain?"   "Do you sleep well?"

Today when he asked about energy, I said, "He must feel OK; every time the weather gets above 45°, he hops on the motorcycle."

Oh my goodness.  A conversation was launched that lasted at least a half-hour.  Dr. D has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and he had to tell us about the times he's been to Sturgis, and Wyoming, and California. 

"Do you enjoy riding with him?"  he asked me.

When I enthusiastically said yes, he said, "Mary (his wife) doesn't really care for it."

Doc often has his bike shipped to his destination; then he flies out and claims his Harley.

All the time this conversation was going on, I was thinking, "There are a half-dozen patients in other rooms wondering why this doctor is so far behind!"

Cliff and I have had a good laugh about this.

Our biker doctor.


Oh by the way, he's about the same age as we are.


fierrorachel said...

The next time my doctor is late getting in to see me, I'm going to scream, "I'll bet he's out there talking to some old farts about motorcycles!"

OK, before anyone yells at me, I do NOT think my parents are old farts.  It's an inside joke.

marainey1 said...

No wonder those doctors are always running behind.  Now we know the secret!  Good news not to have to see that specialist.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

I know exactly what you mean by the long waiting in the exam room. LOL on the Dr riding a Harley. He misses all the wonderful scenery by having his bike flown places though. Guess he wouldn't get to ride it much if he didn't fly. I like to go inside the exam room with Ken also where I can ask questions. Helen

gaboatman said...

It is great to finally learn what our doctors are really doing to get so late every day.  Glad you enjoyed talking with the Doc, but really glad to hear that Cliff is still doing fine.  Maybe a joint road trip is in order with your Doc in the future.

helmswondermom said...

I think that's great that you guys have that in common with him.  And now we know why our doctors run behind, don't we? lol

suzypwr said...

It's nice to be reminded that our doctors are people too!

My Dr D has me go in a few days before I see him and I have blood drawn then. That way, he has the results when I show up. He's not more than 10 miles away though, so if you have to drive far that wouldn't save you anything at all :-)


magran42 said...

I always go in with CY too.  Two heads are always better than one.  It's wonderful to have a personal connection to the doctor.  That way you're not just another heart, or liver, or whatever the matter may be.

mutualaide said...

Oh, this is so very doctor-ish!  I used to work for a neurologist who could not stop talking if anyone brought up fishing.  LOL.  I used to tell folks 'Do not ask him about fishing.  Please!'

breakaway1968 said...

That is funny but now you know how he gets so far behind!   lol

fowfies said...

Thats why he is taking a while to get to everybody. He is a social kind of doctor, doesnt rush everyone through. I kind of like that in a doctor. I have noticed how the technique of things have changed. Used to you had to wait in the waiting room forever, now they lull you into false hope by putting you on into the exam room. ;) I dont mind though, I always bring something to read.

lanurseprn said...

There's a lot of Docs that I've met who drive Harley's. They'll get into their leathers and they sure don't look like any Doc I would go to! LOL!

gen0507 said...

That's probably the reason he runs behind.  He tells all his patients about his Harley.  LOL  I'm glad that Cliff is doing good.


domsmom27 said...

Luv your stories......Wasn't there a doc on TV about 20 years ago that rode a motorcycle.  I can almost remember the beginning where he rode up on his bike.  My Hubby has a Harley.  He rides it occasionally and I worry while he is gone.  He doesn't go far.  And I sit and listen when he leaves.  I can hear him coming ten minutes before he gets home and I am so relieved.  I wish I could be a fan of it as you are.

csandhollow said...

I think it is great!